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Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1988 with Queensryche Singer Todd LaTorre

Queensryche Singer Todd LaTorre joins The Metal Voice live on Youtube as they debated the 'Top 10 albums of 1988'

The Metal Guys based their decisions on the following criteria, sales, genre defining, critical acclaim, seminal albums and critics choice. Watch Here 1988


The list 1987

1 Whitesnake- 1987 2 Guns n' Roses-Appetite for Destruction 2 Helloween- Keeper pt1 4 King Diamond- Abigail 5 Anthrax- Among the living 6 Def Leppard- Hysteria 7 Savatage- Hall of the Mountain King 8 White Lion- Pride 9 Manowar- Fighting the world & Dokken Back for the Attack (draw) 10 Anvil- Strength of Steel

Top 10 Metal Albums of 1986 w/ Todd LaTorre Queensryche Singer

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