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There Will Be Another Zebra Album, I've Got 20 Years Of Material-Vocalist Guitarist Randy Jackson

The Metal Voice recently interviewed vocalist guitarist Randy Jackson of the legendary prog rock band Zebra.

In the chat Jackson talks about the bands upcoming tour dates celebrating 40 year anniversary of the bands debut album. Jackson also talks about the material he has written in the past 20 years for the next Zebra album and how band has gotten a renewed public interest on Netflix TV Corba Kai series.



Watch full interview here

Randy Jackson was asked by The Metal Voice when can fans expect the next Zebra album he said," I've been saying that for 20 -25 years, I mean it is embarrassing at this point. I started writing right after the fourth album and I've got so much material it's just ridiculous. I guess it just seems like days are shorter, as we get older and they get filled up. I can make every excuse in the book. I got a lot of them after 20 years but I do have a ton of material. We actually did start working on some Arrangements in November to play live in a couple of shows we did last year. We'd work on them but Guy and Felix were not confident enough to play him on stage and so we didn't . And now we're playing again and we're gonna have to revisit the songs again to be able to play. I do hope that there is a Zebra 5 album and I hope we're all still alive when it (new album) comes out (laughs) it's just stupid. I remember when Zebra four came out Guy said this is great let's do an album every year we could just throw them out there. I said no. I said let's don't just throw them out there I said I don't want it to be like a shit trail for uh for the rest of our career , let's make sure the stuff is good but that wasn't even really the reason. It's just one year goes after another you get involved in other stuff, you got family, you're making living playing live and then with the downloads and everything. There's no record company putting up money to have you stop working, so we were always working. It was just one thing after another but there will be a Zebra Five hopefully soon. It'll be a good record because you know we I got 20 freaking years of material. "

In celebration of the 1983 release, ZEBRA has announced nationwide 2023 tour dates, performing the entire ZEBRA debut record from top to bottom, in order, along with other fan favorites and deep cuts from their entire catalog. ZEBRA will also return to their club days to give the fans a special treat by playing several LED ZEPPELIN classics the way only ZEBRA can.

Zebra is a hard rock band founded in 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It features Randy Jackson (guitar and vocals), Felix Hanemann (bass, keyboards and vocals) and Guy Gelso (drums and vocals).

ZEBRA's self-titled debut album went gold, and at that time was the fastest selling debut album in Atlantic Records history thanks to the radio and MTV airplay of "Tell Me What You Want" and "Who's Behind the Door?"

Tour Dates

April 14 - The Landis Theater, Vineland NJ

April 15 - The Space, Westbury NY

May 17 - The Wildey Theater, Edwardsville IL

May 19 - The Sanctuary, McKinney TX

June 01 - The Van Buren, Phoenix AZ

June 02 - Counts Vamp'd, Las Vegas NV

June 03 - Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood CA

June 17 - House Of Blues, Houston TX

Nov 18 - House Of Blues, New Orleans LA

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