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Strong Speculation New Metal Church Singer Marc Lopes (Ross The Boss Band) Based On New Audio Clip

An Audio clip was posted today on the Metal Church social media Jan 26 2023. Based on the tone, range and brutality of this new singer. The Metal Voice gang is strongly speculating it is Marc Lopes, (Ross The Boss Singer, Let Us Prey). Unless Marc Lopes is doing a guest appearance on this new music or someone sounds exactly like him.

Hailing from just south of Boston, Marc Lopes is an accomplished metal vocalist, songwriter, artist, and visionary with many years experienced in both recording and live performance. He’s currently the vocalist for ROSS THE BOSS Band (former MANOWAR Songwriter/Guitarist) and Dark Melodic Power Thrash band LET US PREY

Vocally trained, Marc’s full range voice shifts from intense Halford-ish highs to Scandinavian Death howls, melodic to brutal, horror to beauty—a full spectrum that can tell the musical journey in song.

Recordings with Ross The Boss Band

  • New Metal Leader (2008)

  • Hailstorm (2010)

  • By Blood Sworn (2018)

  • Born of Fire (2020)

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