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Singer Paul Di'Anno Thanks Fans & Iron Maiden For Helping In Funding His Operations

For The Metal Voice in London, England, photographer Fernando Bonenfant Talks backstage to former Iron Maiden singer Paul' Di'Anno at the final show in London supporting KK's Priest.

Di'Anno talks about the recent KK's Priest Tour, opening for Judas Priest with Iron Maiden in the 80's, New Music andthe upcoming Documentary.

All photos taken by Fernando Bonenfant photography for The Metal Voice

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When asked about his tour memories when Iron Maiden opened for Judas Priest in the 80's

"Apparently I pissed Kenny (K.K. Downing) off, um I don't even remember saying this but apparently I said that. Judas Priest are a bunch of old men we're going to blow them away which does sound like me, let's be honest it does but the thing is, I don't remember saying it. (laughs). Me and Ken didn't speak for years until recently on the KK's priest tour so we sort of buried the hatchet and he's a lovely man and he's an awesome guitar player and I have so much respect for him. We met a couple of months back (Performing at KK's Steel Mill ) which was the first time we actually met up again after all these years. It was great. The band is phenomenal. "

When asked about new music

"We have the new WARHORSE album coming out next year on Bravewords records. I'm writing with my writing partner in Mexico, Marco Benjamin Alvaro. We've been writing a few tracks here and there."

When asked about the upcoming documentary

" I don't know much about it really, all I do is I just turn up and do it. I'm a little bit upset because I was hoping I'd be up on my feet but it's not happened. So you get the sort of documentary of the highs and lows of being in a wheelchair and struggling. And since all this happened to me, I suffer from really severe PTSD and it's not good. You know it changes your whole personality. Sometimes you're happy go-lucky, other times I'm screaming I want to kill people. It's not good and that's not me. I'm only a happy go-lucky person until somebody pisses me off then I'll beat you (laughs) up but you know so it's been a bit difficult. So that'll be out very soon (documentary)."

When asked if there was anything else he would like to say to his fans

"Yes you've been amazing. Everybody all over the world. We just did this massive tour of Brazil last year just before Christmas and we played more shows in Brazil than we have ever played. Everybody's been helping me because I ran out of money when I got sick. So the people who helped me get the rest of the operation finished or operations has been the crowdfund which comes from Canada comes from England comes from everywhere, we almost got it finished and then Iron Maiden helped out as well which is awesome. So I want to say to all the fans who do come to the show, thank you for accepting me as I am in the wheelchair at the moment but thank you for everything. You gave me my whole Faith back in human nature. "

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno performed final U.K. tour leg on October 12 at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England as the support act along with Burning Witches for KK'S PRIEST.

Joining Di'Anno in his backing band on the U.K. tour George "Gt" Stergiou on guitar, Adam Breyer on guitar, Simon Spence on bass and Joe Lazarus on drums.

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