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Sex Pistols Glen Matlock-They Lied & Hoodwinked The Working Class That Brexit Was The Right Thing

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Jimmy Kay of Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed accomplished musician and Sex Pistols Bassist Glen Matlock.

In the chat Matlock talks about his new solo album 'Consequences Coming'; his thoughts on the mini series Pistols; his relationship with Johnny Rotten and if the Sex Pistols would ever entertain the idea of releasing another studio album .or tour.

Glen Matlock 'Consequences Coming' will be released April 27, 2023 via Cooking Vinyl

Watch Full interview here

When asked about the new album's political themes

"I'm pretty pleased with the new album. It's kind of politically pertinent, I'm referring mainly to UK politics but not only. We're talking about Brexit, we're talking about how in Europe more particularly in Britain there has been a real lurch to the right and people are losing their rights, rights to do this and that and the other. Before Brexit we can just get on a ferry, get on a plane, get on the EuroStar, which is fantastic with your guitar under your arm and go down, do a gig, do a session, bump into someone and stay there as long as you like. But you can't do that anymore. It has been wrenched away from us, for no real reason that anyone can see apart from protecting a whole bunch of politicians and fund managers and offshore banking businesses in the Cayman islands. They lied to us and hoodwinked a whole bunch of working class people into thinking it's the right thing to do, it's crazy. All kinds of obstacles they put up. Not only that, they've used that as a way to enable the right wing in Britain to kind of tread over everybody but we've got one of the most corrupt governments we've ever had and they think they're better than everybody else and they're not there to serve the nation. I haven't been that politically involved but all we can really do is vote but now if there's a March I'll go on it and in fact I went on one which would be just prior to Brexit. So some of the songs I've written kind of had that in the back of my mind."

When talking about Johnny Rotten's politics

"Johnny Rotten he's on the other side (more right wing views) but I don't know if he is. I think he just says what he says just to get in the paper. I doubt his sincerity about all that but by whether he voted for Trump or the Tories in England and if you don't mean it I think that's pretty poor."

When asked about the musical direction of his new solo album

"I was born in the 50s, first records I've ever put on in my room, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis and stuff like that. Then in the early 60s we had Pirate Radio in England where bands like The Kinks and The Who and the Yardbirds and the early Stones and the Small Faces came through and that was very impressionable for me. We also had a great TV show called 'Ready Steady Go' where all of those bands would play Live. Plus the early Motown stuff . That's my kind of yardstick for writing three and a half minute pop rock songs. All those people and the songs I've mentioned that were hits they won't bring down the government songs but there was some kind of small consequence about all of them. There were worthwhile things to be singing about. And that's what I allude to when I write a song, it's a good blueprint . There's a track on the album called speaking in tongues which again is like all these politicians talk so much nonsense they might as well be speaking in tongues. But musically it could be something from Goat Head Soup or Exile on Main Street you know it's got that kind of Groove to it. But my version of it. I don't want to sound exactly like somebody else. I'm going to try and put something newer forward in my own car you know within the Realms and the parameters of what I do."

When asked why the Sex Pistols never made a second studio album

"Because we were young, impetuous and full of beer and argued with each other too much.The problem with the Pistols was not everybody said what they thought to somebody else or not to the band guys themselves and we never spoke enough really. I think a few more kinds of real hum banging conversations could have cleared the decks a bit more and we would have made a second album. We all had it in us to write a second album."

When asked if a second album was even discussed after the first Sex Pistols reunion

"When we reformed in 1996 we spoke about it. Steve and Paul were up for it but John wasn't, so there you go. I think he was kind of frightened that all our stuff is up on a pedestal and if we did something that didn't come up to scratch then it would kind of chip away at the pedestal. But I say that was sort of a challenge and we could have written some stuff and if it didn't make it (wasn't good enough) we don't put it out."

When asked about how he felt about the mini series Pistols and if it was true to the real story

"I'm very disappointed. I'm not disappointed it came out and I thought it was important that it went ahead because it was based on Steve's (Jones) story who started the band. and his take on things."

When asked about his portrayal in the mini series Pistols

"I did not like my portrayal in the movie, in particular about leaving the band. I left the band, I was not sacked. That whole episode where Steve sacked me it's just bollocks. The bathroom scene never happened (where he got fired). I left the band. I had a whole big meeting with Malcom about it and Steve and Paul. And Paul said can't you just pretend to like John, not really, no. I write all these tunes and why can't he (JohnnyRotten) back me up a bit. I just think it should have been more truthful."

When asked about the authenticity of the relationship between Steve Jones and Chrissy Hynde and how it was portrayed in the movie 'Pistols'

"Chrissy, she's my neighbor in London, she said I only slept with him once."

When asked if he had any input into the making of the series

"At the beginning I had some meetings with the production team and I thought it all been ironed out but then I was ignored. So I'm not happy I feel shafted."

When asked if he would reunite with the band again

" I do not want to stand on stage next to somebody with a MAGA hat on, it's not good, it's not a good look. There is something about the fella (Johnny Rotten ) that I didn't trust and I think it's taking a long time for me to realize what that was all about and in the past few years I've realized what that was all about.. I always say Never Say, Never Again but I would say no Maga hats."

Consequences Coming is a plethora of material inspired from when Glen started to listen to music to today, written to stand the test of time. It's well-known Glen likes the Faces and a bit of Bob Dylan, and it's all incorporated in there somewhere. What changes is the lyric. In the words of Lennon, Glen’s writing for the kids that have grown up with him. He’s come a long way from The Sex Pistols and records with an easy and melodic maturity born from being happily sober during decades of rock n roll.

The youngest Sex Pistol at only 16 he joined the band and co- wrote most of the iconic album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, including the hits ‘Pretty Vacant’, ‘Anarchy In The Uk’ & ‘God Save The Queen’. In true punk fashion he left amidst controversy and spitting feuds, but we’d expect nothing less from the band who spawned the punk movement.

Glen has played, performed and written with many greats including Blondie, Iggy Pop, Ronnie Wood, The Dammed, Primal Scream, Mick Jones, Midge Ure, Gary Kemp, Wendy James and contemporaries from the punk scene Rusty Egan, Mike Peters, Tom Robinson & Kirk Brandon. He often records and performs with long- time friends and recording comrades Earl Slick & Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) and will be touring with Blondie throughout 2023, for whom he has also recorded bass on their new album.

Glen is a well- travelled, worldly wise musician. There’s a whole range of human experience and emotion that many artists strive for, that Glen always manges to attain.

Consequences Coming Album Track Listing:

1.Head On A Stick

2.Consequences Coming

3.Magic Carpet Ride

4.Speaking In Tongues

5.Shine Off Your Shoes

6.Constant Craving

7.Step In The Right Direction

8.Something ‘Bout The Weekend

9.This Empty Heart

10.Face In A Crowd

11.Tried To Tell You

12.Can’t Be Myself With You

13.This Shi

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