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Sebastian Bach's Talks About Musical Direction of His Upcoming Solo Album: Video Interview

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice spoke to solo artist and former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach at the 7th annual Metal Hall of Fame in Anaheim, California (Jan 24,2024). Where Sabastian Bach was being inducted by Wendy Dio.

In the red carpet chat Bach spoke about his upcoming solo Album and how his new single "What Do I Got To Lose? on (released on Dec 7, 2023) has gotten airplay on the radio.

Watch here

When Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice asked him about his upcoming album he said, "

it's an incredible day for me because 35 years ago today, my first album Skid Row (debut) was released, to the day. So not only are am I being inducted to the Metal Hall of Fame but I have my new song that's on the radio now, like today. They have this FM radio, the power drive at 5 across the country and my song is number six on the top 20. Amazing and I couldn't be happier, that's my dream, to get another song on the radio. It's happening, so I'm very happy." Bach then was asked what the musical direction of the new album sounds like he said," it's all one big song and I always do the same thing when I make an album. I just try to make an album that I love because I love albums. I collect albums, so I know what I like. So I've always just tried to make albums that I love, starting at '18 and life' 'Youth Gone Wild' I love that then and I love, 'what do I got to lose now'.

Sebastian Bach, is a Canadian-American singer who achieved mainstream success as the frontman of the hard rock band Skid Row from 1987 to 1996. He has acted on Broadway and has made appearances in film and television such as Trailer Park Boys, The Masked Singer and Gilmore Girls. He continues his music career as a solo artist. Wikipedia

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