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Saxon Have Almost Completed Songwriting for Next Studio Album & Aiming For 2024 Release

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to longtime Drummer Nigel Glockler from Saxon. In the interview Nigel Glockler gave an update on Saxon upcoming plans as well updates of his new band Six By Six.

When asked about Six By Six's Debut Album

"Basically what happened, they've been writing for a while beforehand. Robert's (Berry) got a studio in Northern California near San Jose and he said, you know we've got these tracks what do you think? I flew over there and put the drums on and that's how it started. Basically it was great and we get on great. The music's brilliant, we've already started working on the second (Six By Six) album and we're trying to sort out doing some shows next year. It's not a project, this is a band. People say to me, what's it like (musical direction)? I just say imagine the three of us together that's what it is. You know there was nothing set out."

What has been the feedback on the current Saxon Album 'Carpe Diem' and did it make many top albums lists of 2022?

"We're very pleased, I think the songs on it are great, I think the production is great. We've been on a few (Top 2022 Metal Album lists) along with the Six by Six (Album) as well. We're really pleased and personally for me it's been great."

When asked about Saxon updates?

"What's going to happen is we're right in the middle of another album already. The songs are being sort of finalized as we talk. I think then we're going to release it in 2024. and then that'll be a big tour. We've done the writing it's just a case of recording it all now but the writing is the process that takes the time because you've got so many ideas from everyone. We work on them and that's what takes the time."

When asked about upcoming Saxon show or tours

"We're sort of lining up tour dates for next year, we're doing the Monsters of Rock Cruise and we're doing some shows in South America and then we hit Festival season again. Also we're doing some more shows in Germany as well, I think it's about another five or six shows in Germany and a couple in Poland.

I just want to say we're incredibly grateful to all the fans that stuck with us and as I always say we wouldn't be where we are without you."

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