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Ronnie James Dio At # 1 on The Metal Voice All Time Singer's Poll, See Who Else Made The List

Updated: Jan 6

After the Rolling Stone's all time singer's list debacle put together by committees (of who knows who) that tend to neglect and undermine hard rock and metal talent. It was only fair to poll the fans and ask them who they thought was the all time greatest singer, living or dead, all genres.

The outcome is not perfect as nothing is but the end results clearly display 60 of the greatest voices, that have been connecting with their audiences for years. The fans are always right. As one can also argue that these 60 voices have flourished in their genres but have the ability to also flourish in other genres as well and perhaps that is the true definition of a great voice and talent.

1 Ronnie James Dio- Dio

2 Bruce Dickinson- Iron Maiden 3 Rob Halford- Judas Priest 4 Michael Sweet -Stryper 5 Freddie Mercury- Queen 6 Geoff Tate -Queensryche 7 Klaus Meine -Scorpions 8 Steve Perry - Journey 9 Eric Adams-Manowar 10 Ian Gillian-Deep Purple 11 Eric A Knutson-Flotsam and Jetsam 12 Elvis 13 Frank Sinatra 14 Chris Cornell-Soundgarden 15 Ozzy 16 Robert Plant-Led Zeppelin 17 Michael Kiske-Helloween 18 King Diamond -Mercyful Fate 19 Axl Rose- Guns N Roses 20 Mike Patton -Faith No More 21 Layne Staley-Alice in Chains 22 Bon Scott - AC/DC 23 Paul Stanley-Kiss 24 David Coverdale -Whitesnake 25 Ann Wilson-Heart 26 Brad Delp- Boston 27 Floor Jansen- Nightwish 28 James Hetfield- Metallica 29 Warrel Dane-Sanctuary 30 Glenn hughes -Deep Purple 31 Paul Rogers-Free 32 Ray Gillen- Badlands 33 Milo Matijevic-Steelheart 34 Doro 35 Lemmy- Motorhead 36 Midnite- Crimson Glory 37 Todd La Torre -Queensryche 38 Robin Zander -Cheap trick 39 Udo- Accept 40 Joe Lynn Turner-Rainbow 41 Luciano Paverotti- 42 Aretha Franklin- 43 Lou Gramm-Foreigner 44 John Bush-Armored Saint 45 Biff Byford -Saxon 46 Russell Allen-Symphony X 47 Joe Elliott - Def Leppard 48 Dolores O'Riordan-The Cranberries 49 Sebastien Bach -Skid Row 50 Graham Bonnet-Rainbow 51 Tom Keifer-Cinderella 52 Tony Martin-Black Sabbath 53 Corey Taylor-Slipknot 54 Rob Rock- Impellitteri, 55 Tony Moore-Riot 56 Myles Kennedy 57 Karen Carpenter 58 Don Dokken 59 Matt Barlow-Iced Earth 60 Phil Mogg-UFO

(4539 votes were cast a good sample)

The questions was

Who do you think is the all time greatest singer, all genres, dead or alive?

Just as a note there were a lot more candidates who were also deserving, as music is subjective at the end of the day

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