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Ratt's Stephen Pearcy 'When Robbin Crosby was gone, It Was Mutiny On Me

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy about the bands upcoming limited 40 year Anniversary Box set which will be released June 12, 2023. The Box set covers five studio albums and is being released by BMG in partnership with Rhino Entertainment, chronicling the band's biggest years with Atlantic Records.

Pearcy also talked about the infamous Gladiators, Van Halen and the legacy of the late guitarist Robbin Crosby.

Watch Full interview here

In the interview Stephen Pearcy was asked about the legacy of the late guitarist Robbin Crosby he said," he lived and breathed Ratt. If was around today he would be kicking some ass because of how some of the guys (in the band) have just dislocated themselves from this great brand band entity. Robbin was the epitome of Rat and Roll, he was our leader. He was our guy. He was the one who kept the sh-it together. So when he started falling apart, we (Ratt) fell apart at the seams. There was not much I could do and it was Mutiny after he was gone, it was Mutiny on me. because I was the only one left doing everything. Robbin was my right hand man from day one, I mean he picked Warren (DeMartini) to come into the band. Him and I did a lot of leg work. We bounced around as the Gladiators. We were doing that for a reason, to be noticed, here we are and he could not be missed. The only thing I could say about Robin is he was the glue that kept us together and he was the King man. He lived and breathed the band and I knew when he was out, it was pretty much the end of what we were, what we had accomplished."

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