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Quiet Riot: There is a Connection Between Old & New Members, I Happen To Be The New Old Guy-Rudy Sarzo

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice sat down a spoke with Quiet Riot's Rudy Sarzo (Bassist) and Alex Grossi (guitarist) at this years M3 Rock Festival on May 4, 2024.

All Photo by The Metal Voice

Full interview here

When asked about the current Line-up

"We started in clubs in the '70s with Randy Rhoads, so traditionally, no matter how many people are in the audience, as a band we have fun. I've found that the combination with Alex, Jizzy (Pearl / vocals) and Johnny (Kelly / drums) to be a true representation of the spirit of Quiet Riot. We have a line-up that's actually been picked by those who are no longer with us. Alex was picked by Kevin and groomed on everything Quiet Riot by Kevin; the consciousness, the belief system of what it means to be in Quiet Riot. Jizzy was picked by Frankie - Alex brought Jizzy to Frankie's attention - and Kevin was a fan of (Jizzy's band) Love/Hate.There is a very close connection with the new members and the old members in the band. I happen to be the new old guy. " Rudy Sarzo

When asked about writing new Quiet Riot music with the current Line-up

" We have been. When we really came back in 2022  we didn't realize how busy we would be.  We've got a couple songs done and we're just trying to figure out when and how to release it. I mean whether we go to the label or whether we do it ourselves we don't know yet but it's definitely on the table.  I think this version of the band needs to be documented doing its own thing. Alex Grossi

When asked about the Legacy of Ozzy's Live 'Speak of the Devil' album that Rudy Sarzo played on

"This is before Pro Tools and it was actually live you know, when you hear at least the band playing. I don't know what happened as far as the vocals go. I gave notice that I was leaving Ozzy immediately after I recorded that. It's the authenticity which you really don't hear that much in modern music nowadays. Where there's no click track, there's no triggers, there's no overdubs there's no AI. It's just four guys on stage playing, that's it .There was a race between Ozzy and Black Sabbath to release the record one before the other. These are the songs that we were given to play and it was my job to do the best job that I could within the time frame that we had to learn those songs. "

When asked about he learnt from Randy Rhoads the original guitarist in Quiet Riot

"I'm actually the only musician who played with Randy Rhoads in Quiet Riot and Ozzy. Everything I learned about musical integrity and dedication was from Randy. Randy was a teacher before he became a rock star and he taught me how to teach. When I actually first heard him play classical music was at Musonia because he would not play it in Quiet Riot. He never brought an acoustic guitar to a Quiet Riot  rehearsal. But at Musona he would pick up the  the classical guitar and play it in between lessons."


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