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Paul Di'Anno's Manager/Friend Stjepan Juras Issues A Statement in Regards To Di'Anno's Current Health Situation

Paul's Di'Anno's Manger/ Stjepan issued a statement on social media in regards to Di'Anno's current health status.

Photograph Fernando Bonenfant

Statement reads

"Hello to all of Paul's friends and fans who always worry and ask how Paul is doing and want to help. I am writing this answer publicly so that you all have a correct insight into the situation and so that you can potentially get involved. Paul was also tagged in this post of mine. Paul is currently at his home in the UK, where he tried, with the help of friends, to organize treatments in the UK, however, for several different reasons; high price, difficulties in logistical organization, insufficiently efficient care, impossible living conditions and independent fulfillment of basic life and physiological needs in one's own home, loneliness (which then results in mentally dangerous consequences), and many other reasons, it became quite clear that Paul can't continue treatment at home, no matter how often doctors, nurses and physiotherapists come to his home, but that he must go somewhere where he will be under constant care.

It may sound strange and unbelievable, but ALWAYS during the tour, his leg was in much better condition when he came back from it than when he went on tour. Even a few days ago, Paul wrote about it on Facebook, and I will clarify. On tour even if the plane journeys are tiring, etc., someone can help Paul every day to go to bed, to go to the toilet, to take a shower, a nurse can visit him whenever necessary, and on the Brazilian tour he will have a personal care, nurses and physiotherapists 24/7. Also, he wrote that loneliness kills him mentally, and Paul is constantly alone in his home, except for a few visits that happen here and there. Paul has reached the point at this point where he has to be under someone's care on a daily basis, because if that doesn't happen I fear the worst. Several of his friends, led by Kastro Pergjoni, who has been taking care of him from the very beginning, urged urgency and asked me to find some kind of solution once again for Paul to go to Croatia and continue his treatment in the clinic. Although Paul needs only a few months of work away from fully walking, it is not so easy. There are numerous mental obstacles and strength, PTSD, Depression, etc.

All these things are diseases and there is no joking about that. Many people will say (and I have thought many times too) Paul is like this, Paul is like that, he is an enemy to himself, his worst enemy, etc., but no one will be completely right. What he is fighting is a difficult battle, and it can only be seen objectively if it is viewed through the prism of illness, and not of free will and personal choices. I'm just a fan, in this case his manager, but I'm not a doctor, nor am I a wizard. My abilities are limited, although I try to learn every day. Paul is sick and needs help. The concerts so far have helped him so much, because now he doesn't have to depend exclusively on donations, but has a source of income for treatment, however, if there's anything I need from all of you, it's the other kind of help; advice and others. If any of you are close friends with Paul, help him, talk to him, help him with the bureaucratic stuff in the UK and make it clear to him that we are all there for him even when he thinks we are not. I have never dealt with such difficulties in my life, including mental ones, but I did my best to help.

And you, Paul, who is reading this, know that we all love you and sometimes remember (when you are having a hard time and you just want to scream) that we are here to help and that there is no reason for you to scream at us, no matter how hard it is then it seemed justified.

I'm working on getting Paul back to Croatia for treatment in mid-March and getting rid of the infection and once again very swollen legs. Everyone following this, I hope you understand this and help if you can!

WARHORSE feat Di'Anno will be releasing a new album in 2024 via Bravewords Records

Di'Anno recorded two classic albums with IRON MAIDEN — a self-titled effort in 1980 and "Killers" in 1981 — before being fired and replaced by Bruce Dickinson. He went on to front a number of other bands, including KILLERS and BATTLEZONE, and released several solo records.

The WARHORSE single marked Di'Anno's first music release after a seven-year hiatus due to severe health issues.

Di'Anno, who finally underwent his knee surgery in September 2022, played the first show since the operation on October 1 at the Keep It True Rising II festival in Würzburg, Germany.


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