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Nordic Union 'Animalistic' #8 Pick For Top 10 Metal Albums of 2022 - The Metal Voice

The Metal Voice's Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon along with the TMV 's west coast thrashing correspondent Neil Turbin, pick their top metal albums of 2022.

Watch the annual Metal Voice show and see which album takes home the Big Walnut!

Watch part 1of the top 10 album countdown of 2022, albums 10 to 6

Jimmy Kay

Number 8- Scorpions 'Rock Believer'

Number 9- Razor Cycle of Contempt'

Number 10- Anvil 'Impact is Imminent'

Alan Dixon

Number 8- Nordic Union 'Animalistic'

Number 9- Borealis- 'Illusions'

Number 10- Storace 'Live and Let Live'

Neil Turbin (picks his top 3)

Number 1 - Riot City 'Electric Elite'

Number 2- Saxon 'Carpe Diem'

Number 3- Hammerfall 'Hammer of Dawn'

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