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New Tankand Album 'Pavlov's Dawg' To Be Released Sept 2022, "It will be Fast & Heavy" Singer Gerre

For The Metal Voice Jimmy Kay and Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin interviewed singer Andreas "Gerre" Geremia from legendary German thrashers Tankard. In the chat Gerre spoke about the bands upcoming 40 year anniversary box set from the Noise Record years, gave details of the bands upcoming studio album and spoke about the possibility of The Big Teutonic 4 touring.

'For a Thousand Beers ' the Noise years Deluxe Box set will we released Feb 25 2022 via BMG

Watch complete video interview here

When asked about the upcoming box set 'For a Thousand Beers '

"All the rights are at BMG from the albums we did with Noise Records. It is very important for kids to get our old albums. Then BMG came up with the idea we got to celebrate our 40th birthday. So this is a little birthday present for 40 years with all the Noise Records albums. Inside there is a little book, there is also very funny bootleg video for 1987, an audio concert from Frankfurt 1988 and a lot more special stuff included. The vinyl edition has colour LP's. So for the people who don't have the albums, it's a way to learn about the band's history."

When asked about the upcoming new studio album

"We just finished recordings for our next studio album, we are doing the mix and it will be out September 2022 on Reaper Entertainment, so we left Nuclear Blast. This will be the second highlight this year for our 40th birthday."

When asked about the lyrics and the musical direction of the new album

"Not easy to describe because the album is not finished yet but the album sounds like Tankard. We have some melodic chorus, it's fast and heavy. It will not disappoint the Tankard fans. On this album again there will be a good combination of really funny and really serious stuff (lyrics). One song will be called 'Lockdown Forever'. It has something to do with this new virus. This song is about you have to stay home forever, you are not able to go out anymore, it's a lockdown forever, until the end of your life. What are you going to do? You have to listen to all your metal records, from A to Z and again and again, so this is a little bit of a funny song. But we also have some serious stuff on the album like what kind of wars will happen in the future. The water is getting less, such topics we also have on the new album. The album is entitled 'Pavlov's Dawg' it is the name of the album but we also have a song of the same name. Last weekend we went to the studio to do more vocal stuff and now the recordings are finished and now we got to see what will happen with the mix. "

When asked about the possibility of a Big Teutonic 4 Tour (Kreator, Sodom, Tankard and Destruction)

"My opinion is if there is something that is planned we would always say yeah, we are going to do that. It would be awesome but every band has other plans and it is not so easy. Kreator is the biggest thrash band in Europe and of course they would be the headliner. I would love to do some shows from outside Germany with these 4 bands together, it would really be awesome but I am not the organizer."

‘For A Thousand Beers’ is a deluxe 40th anniversary celebration of Tankard’s, Noise Records discography and is the definitive collection of their decade of recorded work and contains :

Band started in 1982 , 1984 demo 1985 demo

· Zombie Attack 1986- oldersongs- Punk Metal, thrash suicidal tendencies

· Chemical Invasion-1987 Break through album 30,000 albums sold

· The Morning After-1988

· The Meaning Of Life-1990- most sales

· Stone Cold Sober-1992

· Two-Faced-1994 megadeth?? ish

· The Tankard -1995

· Fat, Ugly & Live DVD – containing ‘Open All Night’ concert film, ‘Fat, Ugly & Live’ album plus previously unreleased video concert from the Dynamo, Eindhoven 1987 and audio concert from Frankfurt 1988.

· 12” x 12”, 40 page hardback book of photography, quotes and lyrics from the first decade of the band’s existence. Contains rare and previously unseen photos from the era.

· All housed in a case of beer box!

‘For A Thousand Beers’ will also be available as a 7 x CDs and DVD clamshell box set containing all the studio albums, EP’s and the DVD with all the live concert bonus material

Current members

Andreas "Gerre" Geremia – vocals (1982–present)

Frank Thorwarth – bass (1982–present)

Olaf Zissel – drums (1994–present)

Andreas Gutjahr – guitars (1999–present

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