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New Sword Studio Album Will Be Released In Fall 2022, Says Singer Rick Hughes

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from The Metal Voice spoke to lead singer Rick Hughes of Canada's Sword. Hughes spoke about the timeline of the upcoming Sword studio album release timeline and also spoke about opening for Metallica on the Master of Puppets tour and how Metallica were big fans of the band.

The show was also about the Top 10 metal Songs that defined the 1980's

Watch entire interview here

About the new Sword Album studio album Hughes said, " First and foremost I want to apologize to the fans that have waited a very very long time. Listen you have waited 30 years for this the album it is ready, it's been ready for two years. We were supposed to release it before, in 2020. When March 2020 happened we had a band meeting and we said let's wait (until pandemic is over). Now we are almost ready, I have the date, they didn't (record label) give me the ok to announce yet but it's coming out this year. I won't tell you the date but I will tell you this it will be Fall 2022. The album is incredible from beginning to end everything about this album is good."

On Nov 24 2021 the band announced on their Facebook page the new Sword album will be released on Massacre Records.

Canadian Sword released their first new single "In Kommand", off the new album exclusively on Bandcamp. "In Kommand" features the band's classic lineup, including vocalist Rick Hughes, guitarist Mike Plant, bassist Mike LaRock, and drummer Dan Hughes. Sword's first new song in over 30 years, with a long-awaited third studio album to follow.

Listen to Sword's first single, 'In Kommand' here

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