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New Nervosa Album Will Include Two Guests, a Guitarist & a Female Singer Says Founder Prika Amaral

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Nervosa guitarist, vocalist and founder Prika Amaral about the bands upcoming shows, new studio album and taking on the lead vocals.

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When asked about handling all the lead vocals moving forward in Nervosa

"I did not want to change the singers again (they parted ways with the last singer) in Nervosa and changing again the band's singer would kill the band so I said, I will do it. Changing a singer is really hard, it's the voice of the band. So I said this was not something I was planning to do but it's time for me to do it. I had to learn how to sing basically in a few months. I was already doing back- vocals before but to be a (lead) singer is totally different. So I had some classes with a friend of mine just to teach me how to do it with good technique. Then when we started to record the album our producer was riding me and this helped me a lot but I'm still learning."

When asked about the musical direction of the new studio album

"The album is finished and it will be out in September 2023. Our plan is to start promoting the new album in August and we have a plan for 3 or 4 video clips/singles. With the new album we are trying to make this musical style more different, with an instrumental. We will have super thrash songs, groove metal and mixing it up with styles."

When asked if they have any guests on the new album

"We have two guests on this album. One is singing with me, ,I can say it's a woman. The second guest (man) is an amazing guitarist that did one solo on one of our songs. He is one of my biggest influences. "

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When asked about the new Nervosa studio albums release date

"The whole album is complete. We just released the first video single 'Endless Ambition'. The album is going to be released after summer around Sept -Oct 2023. Most of the songs I have composed/co-written together with Prika (Amarel). We have a new line-up, a new song / single and we are beginning to tour next week. "

When asked about Prika Amarel taking over the vocal duties

"Prika didn't even know that she was going to take on the vocals but after all these (Line-up) changes happened she said, I'm going to do it because I don't want to bring in another vocalist that may fit or may not."

When asked how she would describe the new albums music

"The new album has a lot of melodies and has a lot of classic heavy metal riffs, it's brutal. It's a combination of heavy metal but still thrash and death I cannot say more.(laughs).

With their latest record, Perpetual Chaos (2.8M plays on Spotify), femme thrash metal band NERVOSA not only secured their first charting positions at #18 on the German album charts, #6 on the US Hard Music Albums and #9 on the US Top New Artist Albums charts, but also played some of Europe’s biggest festivals such as Summerbreeze and Wacken Open Air. The new standalone single “Endless Ambition” graces their 35k monthly listeners and 77k followers on Spotify alone with an exciting glimpse of what’s about to come in 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!


Prika Amaral - Vocals and guitars

Helena Kotina - Guitars

Hel Pyre - Bass

Michaela Naydenova - Drums

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