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Listen to Sword's New Song 'In Kommand' Here

After 30 years, Sword will finally release a 3rd Album on Combat Records!! The first single “In Kommand” with its fast tempo, hard-hitting riffs and blistering lyrics that will make you gasp for air!!

Listen to new song on Spotify here

Purchase new song here on Bandcamp

Formed in 1980 in Montreal, SWORD (not to be confused with THE SWORD, released its Combat Records debut, "Metalized", in 1986, punctuated by the band's precise thrash attack, and the soaring vocals of Rick Hughes, summed up by Kerrang!'s Mark Putterford as such; "My eyes are a painful shade of purple. My ears are ringing tortuously. My mouth is awash with blood and broken teeth, I've just been ten rounds with a Montreal mob called SWORD.

SWORD was hand-picked by METALLICA to open the Quebec leg of the "Master Of Puppets" tour, Alice Cooper's Canadian "Return Of The Nightmare" tour and then crisscrossed the U.K. with the mighty Lemmy on MOTÖRHEAD's "Rock N' Roll" tour. "Metalized" was followed up by the heavy but diverse "Sweet Dreams" in 1988.

After a short U.S. tour promoting "Sweet Dreams", SWORD started work on its third album when all hell broke loose, and a parting of ways ensued. Until 2011, when they reunited for a few select shows in Canada and Germany and found the urge to go back in the studio to pick up where they had left off.

The quartet soon ended up right back where they started, after connecting with Thom Hazaert and MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, and their relaunched Combat Records, which immediately released "Live: Hammersmith", a live recording of a "Metalized"-era SWORD show supporting MOTÖRHEAD at England's fabled Hammersmith Odeon.

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Rick Hughes of Sword at Heavy Montreal 2018, where Hughes spoke about the band's legacy, being signed to David Ellefson's label and upcoming new album

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