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Leaves' Eyes New Video Single 'Hammer of the Gods' Watch Here- Album Released Today

Symphonic metal vikings LEAVES' EYES, who are currently on tour with METALITE and CATALYST CRIME (find all remaining dates listed below!), have unleashed a breathtaking video clip in support of their much-acclaimed, new studio album "Myths Of Fate", that is out today on AFM Records!

Watch here

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to vocalist Elina Siirala of Leaves' Eyes about the bands upcoming album 'Myths of Fate' which will be released March 22, 2024 via AFM Records.

Elina also talked about the differences vocally between her and former vocalist Liv Kristine as well as fan acceptance over the years.

Watch Here

When asked about the new album lyrical content

"This album is a little bit more towards this mystical and magical objects and people and places. As you know our previous album for example, 'the last Viking' was a little bit more focused on the historical side of things and it was a concept album battles and everything. So this (Album) is a little bit away from that topic which was also I think a nice refreshing thing for us to do a little bit something different. It's not a concept album but of course 'Myths of Fate' it builds around these magical and mystical topics."

When asked if all the fans today are comfortable with her taking over leads vocals after 6 years from Liv Kristine

"You have to ask the fans. For me personally I felt very accepted from the beginning. For me it was very clear that I needed to come to the band as myself. I'm a completely different Vocalist, different kind of performer. For me, it was taking the time and trying to do my best in the situation back then. And of course now many years later we have three albums and whatnot we've been touring over the world. It's a different position now for me but I never really thought about it like that. When we played live, which was like two weeks after I joined the band it was always great and I never had any any really negative things."

When asked how her vocals differs from Liv Kristine

"I can only speak again from my side how I see it but uh I would say that probably my voice is a bit stronger. In the sense of my forte is not singing with a very light and head voicy head stuff that's not my forte. And of course I have a classical education. I don't want to be classified as only one thing or another thing uh and even on this album I think I'm showing that versatility using my voice uh but that yes certain things will never be my forte. The whole timber of the voice is different."

Four years after bringing “The Last Viking” to Valhalla with their previous opus, Leaves’ Eyes resurrect with “Myths Of Fate” to celebrate their 20th year of existence. With their ninth studio album, the Germany-based artists consolidate their leading position in the symphonic metal universe. Powerful, epic and impressive – Leaves’ Eyes once again merge traditional metal genres by fusing elements of folk, gothic, and classical music into a captivating sonic masterpiece.


Elina Siirala – Vocals

Alexander Krull – Vocals

Micki Richter – Guitar

Luc Gebhardt – Guitar

Joris Nijenhuis – Drums

CD1 :

1. Forged by Fire

2. Realm of Dark Waves

3. Who Wants to Live Forever

4. Hammer of the Gods

5. In Eternity

6. Fear the Serpent

7. Goddess of the Night

8. Sons of Triglav

9. Elder Spirit

10. Einherjar

11. Sail with the Dead


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