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King Diamond Preparing To Tour USA At End Of 2024 w/ New Album

In a new interview with Sam Acevedo of El Cuartel Del Metal, heavy metal icon King Diamond says a U.S. tour is in the works along with the release of his long-awaited solo album by the end of 2024. Source Bravewords

King also confirms the story/concept will be spread through two albums. The first new material King released for the album came out in 2019 with “Masquerade Of Madness. In the interview, King also talks about new Mercyful Fate music, the origin of the band's name, his musical influences, and more

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MERCYFUL FATE is currently working on a new album and recently gave fans a taste of the new material when they debuted a song called "The Jackal Of Salzburg" in Germany in June 2022 as well as at Psycho Las Vegas. The band's current lineup is rounded out by Mike Wead on guitar and Bjarne T. Holm on drums.


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As last month's Metal Hall Of Fame gala at the Delta Marriott Garden Grove in Garden Grove, California, Becky Baldwin the bands new Bassist was asked by The Metal Voice if her addition to MERCYFUL FATE as a permanent member has been in the works for a while. She responded: "I guess the idea was floating around for a while, but it's quite recent still, the news that I was going to be permanent in MERCYFUL FATE. But I guess, as any band does when you've got a lot coming up and there's some kind of — I don't wanna say insecurity within the band, because it's not that; it was just kind of, like, a question about how busy Joey was, and I guess it was kind of in the back of their minds. And the way that the fans reacted when I did the tour was very positive. So it was a natural progression, I guess. But yeah, it all just kind of came about very, very recently in terms of being solidly, like, 'Yes, this is what's happening. And you are gonna be a full-time member of MERCYFUL FATE.'"

Regarding how she came to play for MERCYFUL FATE originally, Becky said: "I think the main person for bringing me into the picture was Hank Shermann. So he was the person who suggested me when they started looking at, like, 'Okay, well, actually, this whole list of male bass players that we're looking through, it doesn't have to be a guy. Who else do we know? Should we start looking somewhere else? Because there aren't any women on this list, and maybe that could be a thing, that could work out for MERCYFUL FATE.' And then I was kind of at the top of Hank's list. And then when he showed King and the rest of the management and stuff some of my videos, it was literally the weekend of Bloodstock [Open Air] festival in the summer of 2022. And they were, like, 'Okay, let's go. Let's go to Bloodstock. And she's gonna be at Bloodstock festival. Let's ask her there.'" Source Blabbermouth and The Metal Voice

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