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Joe Lynn Turner Not Part of Sunstorm Project Anymore But Working On New Music For 2021

Joe Lynn Turner has posted a statement on his Facebook page in regards to him not continuing on the Sunstorm project moving forward. Post Here

There has been and outpour of emails and requests for comments from me regarding the situation with the new Sunstorm album announcement.

I feel it is important to set the story straight and give my side of the circumstances. Let me start by pointing out that until two days ago I had no idea that Frontiers will continue with the Sunstorm brand. It was a complete surprise to me as it was to all of you.

After five albums and over a dozen years of working with Sunstorm I decided it was time to move on. This was not taken lightly and the decision for me happened quite a while ago when I felt that the original point of the Project was lost somewhere over time.

Sunstorm began as a reason to record and release song demos I had accumulated over the past years. With contributions from my good friend Jim Peterik and a few other talented song writers, the first two Sunstorm albums were born. These albums were a true labour of love for me and I was totally invested and inspired with the Project. I believe these albums will stand the test of time due to the conceptual originality and the contributions within.

As Sunstorm developed, it devolved into a more of a ‘’house band Project’’ for the Label and I became less inspired and disinterested about my participation. I felt like it was becoming more of a ‘’contract job’’ and to continue I would not only be cheating the fans but mostly myself as an Artist. It must come from the heart and soul to be real.

Don’t misunderstand, I am very proud of the Sunstorm series and the contributions of all the talented people involved. They are great records but it was simply time to move on. An Artist must constantly challenge themselves to grow and transform to reach their true potential. And that is exactly what I have been doing for quite some time now and the results are more than satisfying.

Sometime in 2021 I will deliver something new and exciting forged from the heart, soul and spirit of intense life experience.

I hope this message will bring some clarity and understanding of the situation. I thank each and everyone of you for your time and concern but most of all for the love, loyalty and support you have given me through out all the years.

These are very difficult and challenging times, so stay healthy, stay strong and stay true to yourself.’’

Blessings, JLT.

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