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'I'm Bringing To life These Old Iron Maiden Songs' Says Ex Singer Blaze Bayley

Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley. In the chat Bayley talks about his new live album, new studio album and his recent heart attack.

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When asked about the new live album

"You got this vibe and energy on 'Damaged Strange Different and Live' that just comes from being with the fans that this music is for. On one side it's songs from the studio album 'War within Me' and the other side are those Maiden songs that I like to do that I have changed the arrangements slightly, (just) subtle differences, it's the Blaze Bayley version of those old songs.These songs just come to life, i enjoyed them before but now. I don't feel like I am just enjoying them, I feel like I'm bringing to life these old songs over 20 years old. Bringing them to life in a new way, in a different way. And so far all the fans that have seen me do these old songs live have loved it. it just follows that we want to get that on the record and we had them in the set so we managed to record them and make them a party of this album."

When asked if he is working on a new studio album

"We are getting things together. You can expect a new studio album next year."

When asked about his heart attack

" I'm at home on Saturday. On Monday, I'm scheduled to go on tour in Europe to continue with 'The Man Who Would Not Die' tour. And there I am, and I've got chest pains, and I think, Oh, is this indigestion? I'm having a heart attack. I live two minutes from the ambulance station. I'm on the phone, and apparently the paramedics, they were going on their break towards the ambulance station and they said, Oh, we heard that call. It's on our way. We'll take that call. Two minutes, they're in my house. I've got wires on my chest. 'You're having a heart attack.' I live in the city, but I'm between four hospitals. In 15 minutes I'm having treatment, and they're injecting me with dye to see what the problems are and everything. So that's it. I'm safe. I'm in hospital 15 minutes later. They said, the paramedics, if that had been 10 minutes (later), there's no way you'd make it. So I was 10 minutes from death. I had a heart attack, not heart failure. They got to me in time. But if I'd have been somewhere else, if I'd have been in Eurotunnel, if I'd have been in a hotel room alone, or on the autobahn in Germany anywhere, man. It's just terrifying, really, to think about where I could be. And when they said, 'Oh, you should be able to make it back,' I said, I've gotta get back to work. I can't leave it like this.' I've done an album called 'War Within Me', and I haven't toured the whole thing. I'm thinking of my fans and everything. I thought, 'I can't leave it like this. I've still got more music to make. I've got things to say, and I don't wanna feel like I'm letting my fans down either.' So I was so focused. It took a while, like a few weeks before they could put me in for the surgery. It was a quadruple bypass. Basically, they cut you in half. They cut me in half, they do a load of plumbing and then they put you back together. "

Metal Hall of Fame inductee, Blaze Bayley, releases a brand new live album, featuring versions of songs from his last studio album ‘War Within Me’ and also songs he wrote and/or performed during his time in Iron Maiden (1994-1999).

Starting in 2013 and exclusively since 2016, Blaze records and plays live with Manchester (UK) melodic metal band Absolva, featuring lead guitarist Christopher Appleton and his brother Luke Appleton who is formerly of American metalheads Iced Earth. This consistent line-up is completed by drummer Martin Mcnee and bassist Karl Schramm.


1. War Within Me 2. Pull Yourself Up 3. Warrior 4. The Power of Nikola Tesla 5. 18 Flights 6. Lord of the Flies 7. Judgement of Heaven 8. Fortunes of War 9. Como Estais Amigos

Bob Dylan's Childhood in Hibbing, MN, USA- Band Covers- Jimi Hendrix, Guns N' Roses, Nazareth

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