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Guitarist George Lynch Says Dokken & Lynch Mob Packaged Tours Have Run Their Course

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Lynch Mob and former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. In the interview Lynch explains Lynch Mob's farewell retirement plans, Tour setlists and new album Babylon.

Watch Interview here

When asked about the current version of the Lynch Mob Band

"It's a killer version of the band, it's solid so and I am afraid of this falling apart. So what we are doing is, this is going to be it. This is going to be the final version of the band. We will have this record (Babylon), we will go out and tour for a year, it will be our final ride and that will be it. We will go out on our terms rather than somebody steering away our singer or our bass player and having to start over. Ok here is the 27th version of Lynch Mob. So this will be the last version of Lynch Mob. Last tour, last record and that will be the final chapter and the end of the story. We will go out with a bang instead of a whimper. "

When asked if this is going to be a never ending farewell, like the Scorpions

"This will be it, we put a date on it, the last show will be Monsters of Rock cruise 2025."

When asked if Lynch Mob will tour with Dokken (as a package) again or has that door been shut

"It's kind of run it's course, yeah I think so. That's fine. It was something I was pushing to do for many years and I have been proposing the idea with different agents I have had with over the decades. And I never found anyone to pick up the ball and run with it until I found my present agency which also represents Dokken. Don and I are on relatively good terms and so it worked. He agreed to it, so we went out. I always thought the competitive kind of thing, the story, back story, if people were aware of it would bring some interest and it worked and I think that is healthy. That is entertainment. "

When asked how truthful or exaggerated was it that he and Don Dokken could not get along over the years.

"Well I'm not pointing any fingers that just generally human beings have a tendency, maybe to mimic the narrative. So you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth, not the truth . Listen I don't have any problems with people, generally I am fine and I am also very forgiving if I do have problems with people, that is water under the bridge. Life is too short and too precious. I like people and I like making things work and fixing things. But not everybody feels the same way I do. "

When asked if Dokken's guitarist Jon Levin guitar tone and sound is a compliment or insult as he kind of sounds like him

"Somebody's got to sound like me. I think that is the whole point of him, that is kind of what he is supposed to do. Insulting no. I feel it's absolutely a compliment. I am not insulted by that."

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the newest studio album from Lynch Mob, “Babylon”. The band is known for their high energy, guitar driven, hard rock vibe, while featuring elements of classic rock, blues, and metal, with a propensity for improvisation. Joining revered guitarist and band founder George Lynch (The End Machine, The Banishment, ex-Dokken) for this newest Lynch Mob album are vocalist Gabriel Colón, bassist Jaron Gulino (Tantric, Heavens Edge), and drummer Jimmy D’anda (ex-Bulletboys).

“There’s been so many iterations of Lynch Mob since the first line-up in 1989 of Oni Logan, Mick Brown, Anthony Esposito, and myself. Putting Lynch Mob together was just an extension of what I’d always strived for in a band: the best possible musicians, chemistry, and brotherhood. My bands have not only been my best friends, but also family. When we come up together and work hard and struggle together, we create a bond that lasts a lifetime. I think that’s the thing I love the most about my musical journey...creating music in the studio, stepping on stage, and sharing that bond with my friends through music. Thank you to everyone who has been in my band. I really feel it’s ours”, says Lynch.

Lynch Mob was formed in 1989 after George Lynch parted ways with his former band Dokken. Their debut release “Wicked Sensation” was met with critical and fan acclaim and went on to be certified gold in sales by the RIAA. The band would continue on through the years with a cast of talented players joining Lynch throughout their musical journey over the course of six more studio albums. “Babylon” is Lynch Mob’s eighth studio album overall and the first since 2017’s “The Brotherhood”.

“Babylon” tracklisting:

1. Erase

2. Time After Time

3. Caught Up

4. I’m Ready

5. How You Fall

6. Million Miles Away

7. Let It Go

8. Fire Master

9. The Synner

10. Babylon

Time: 0.49.59


Gabriel Colón: Vocals

George Lynch: Guitars

Jimmy D’anda: Drums

Jaron Gulino: Bas

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