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Ex-Whitesnake Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg Explains The Difference Between Touring the U.S.A. vs Holland

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former guitarist of Whitesnake and solo artist Adrian Vandenberg.

In the chat Adrian talks about latest co-headlining tour with Geoff Tate, gives an update on his next musical endeavors and upcoming tour. As well as chats about his early Vandenberg albums and sharks.

Vandenberg's latest album 'SIN' that was released on August 25, 2023 via Mascot records.

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When asked about the differences in touring the USA vs Holland

"What I love about playing in the States, since the first time with the original Vandenberg lineup in 1983 (Tour). Is that the position that show business and in this case rock music has in society.

People are really excited about it and they respect it which is great.  Because in Holland still after all those years sometimes I run into people that go so what is your real work (job)? In America it is the number one show business country and number one worldwide everybody knows. For you guys  it's normal because you live here and you've grown up in that vibe. But for me whenever I play here it is a different kind of excitement even though the crowd that you play for now is of course uh is a lot more mature because they've been grown they grew with us, with this kind of music. For people it's a time machine and for me too because we play a lot of Whitesnake (songs) that I've was involved with in for such a long time ,12- 13 years. It's great to play it again for the people that made it that big and everybody's got a big smile on their face and they sing along. "

 When asked what he is planning to do musically in the future

 "I'm going to do two more tours in Holland. One doing the classic Vandenberg material and later in the year I'm going to do the same thing as what I'm doing right now (in USA) predominantly Whitesnake years. There's a lot of interest for that because as we know Whitesnake is not touring anymore and in Holland Whitesnake was really big when I was in the band, it was a part of patriotism. Also we will be back soon in the USA for second leg. "

When asked when he looks back during the debut album if he thought he would be doing music today

"No, I would never have thought, really. Even also in the Whitesnake days when we were number one, you know the biggest band in the States or in the world or whatever. Every day in the morning I woke up and I thought man if it's over tomorrow? But nobody's going to take those memories away from me and I'll go back to painting which I love too. I'm a lucky bastard. So I don't take anything for granted. The first album (Vandenberg 1983)  we recorded it in Jimmy Page's Studio and I met Jimmy Page for the first time and a bunch of times afterwards. I went out in Tokyo one night (with him) which was an unforgettable night and it was one of the biggest hangovers I had in my life. He's a great guy (Jimmy Page) , he's very intelligent, has a British sense of humor, he's incredible talent and it was just a pleasure and honor  to meet him.


All you need is a gmail account

Recorded in Holland and Los Angeles with Marlette, "Sin" represents a natural evolution for VANDENBERG. Scorching pinch harmonics light up the first single "House On Fire" as the groove underlines a chantable chorus from Mats.


1. Thunder And Lightning

2. House On Fire

3. Sin

4. Light It Up

5. Walking On Water

6. Burning Skies

7. Hit The Ground Running

8. Baby You've Changed

9. Out Of The Shadows

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