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Epic Metal Pioneers WARLORD To Release New Album 'Free Spirit Soar' In 2024

Epic Metal pioneers WARLORD are on a mission in tribute to fallen bandmate William J Tsamis and return once more with a new album in 2024.

With "Free Spirit Soar", a brand-new studio album by Warlord with all songs having been recorded between March and September 2023, singer Giles Lavery and drummer Mark Zonder honor their bandmate Bill Tsamis who passed away in 2021.

They are joined by Jimmy Waldo on keyboards/synthesizer, Philip Bynoe on bass and Eric Juris on guitars. “We wanted to finish these pieces of music that were started ‘for Bill’,” explains Lavery, “and the material we felt was certainly strong enough to inspire us to do so.” Regarding the guitar parts he specifies: “Bill is there where we could pull his tracks off the demo recordings, in much the same way the Beatles were recently able to rescue John Lennon’s voice from an old demo tape. however be assured this album is not "a demo", nor does it sound like one, our new guitarist Eric does most of the heavy lifting as far the recording, but all of the music was written by Bill and we stayed very very faithful to what he wrote.


01 Behold A Pale Horse

02 The Rider

03 Conquerors

04 Worms Of The Earth

05 The Watchman (CD-exclusive track)

06 Free Spirit Soar

07 The Bell Tolls

08 Alarm

09 Twin (CD-exclusive track)

10 Revelation XIX

Line Up:

Mark Zonder - Drums

Philip Bynoe - Bass

Eric Juris - Guitars

Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards

Giles Lavery - Vocals

Watch out for further news such as the album cover, pre-order info as well as a first single very soon!


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