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Death Dealer “Conquered Lands” Album Review, A Powerful, Metal Beast Of An Album

So is it DeathDealer, just one word with a capital letter “D?’ Or is it Death Dealer, two separate words? I’ve seen both, I never really knew, and I still don’t know. But one thing I do know is, that Death Dealer (I’ll use the two word version) has a new album out called “Conquered Lands,” and it is a powerful, metal beast of an album!

By Milwaukee Tom

“Conquered Lands” is the 3rd Death Dealer album, and has a new member, is bass player extraordinaire, Mike Lepond, (most notably of The Ross The Boss Band and Symphony X). LePond joins members Sean Peck (Three Tremors, Cage) on vocals, Steve Bolognese (Ross The Boss Band) on drums, along with Stu Marshall (Night Legion) and Ross The Boss (Manowar, Ross The Boss Band, The Dictators) This is an All-star band, every member is an excellent player.

“Conquered Lands” features 11 Tracks, all of them being under 5 minutes long. It’s mainly an up tempo to faster pace throughout the album, with a couple of Tracks slowing it down a bit. This album hits you in the face with power, and does not stop. It is real power metal. The musicianship is fantastic… the lead guitar parts are excellent… Stu and Ross trading leads in songs, also sections where they do the dual lead parts together. Love that stuff! Mike’s bass playing is great, this guy is one of the best in the business, and you can hear it on this album. Drummer Steve Bolognese does a great job on this album, lot’s of double bass drumming patterns… he’s a very gifted. And Sean’s vocals… holy hell, he can shatter glass. He hits and holds the high notes and he sings with power. Tracks like “Every Nation,” “Running With The Wolves” really define what this band is, a non stop blitzing machine. Then with Songs like “Conquered Lands” and “Gone,” they display a little bit slower tempo, and Sean’s voice is really showcased, with a bit of a lower to mid-range voice work. Put that all together and you get one hell of an album.

So if you like in your face, relentless, straight up power Metal, this album is for you. It smokes.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


1. Sorcerer Supreme

2. Every Nation

3. Beauty and the Blood

4. Running with the Wolves

5. The Heretic Has Returned

6. Conquered Lands

7. Hail to the King

8. Slay or Be Slain

9. Faith Under Fire

10. 22 Gone

11. Born to Bear the Crown


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