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Chris Holmes Recalls W.A.S.P. & Iron Maiden Tour in 80's & Riding Tour Bus w/ Steve Harris

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes in Montreal, Canada as he was prepared for his upcoming Screening/Mini-Tour/Signing dates

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When asked about his lack of payments in his time in W.A.S.P.

"Honestly I would just like to get paid for what I created, that's it. I don't want any more. I don't want to take any more. I created what I created and I don't want any more than what I did. I'm not about stealing stuff. I just like want what came out of my heart which is on records that I created. There was a lot more stuff than I was credited for but that's the way it is you know. I wouldn't change it. I would change a few things growing up but you can't you can't change the past, you can only change the future."

When asked about speaking to Steve Grimmett the night before his passing

"He sang on a song that I had written called 'Playing with fire' which is written about Covid. About three weeks ago Sarah my wife gives me the phone and it's Steve, hey what's up Steve, how are you getting along with the Covid blah blah blah because we played some shows together and we spoke. Within 10 hours after call we heard he was dead. Shocked shot the crap out of me big time. He had an exceptionally exceptionally voice. Top-notch, unbelievable man, I wish I could sing a tenth what he does. Steve will be missed. It is sad he's gone you know. Rest in peace Steve."

When asked about what he thought about Iron Maiden as a band

"If somebody's asked me who's the favorite band I ever toured with? That would be Iron Maiden. Who was the nicest band, they were the coolest guys I've ever been around in the rock business. I traveled on their bus because of the same management. I went on Steve Harris' bus with Bruce (Dickinson). Dave (Murray) and Adrian(Smith) had a bus themselves. Also Bruce flew a lot of times but I always was on their bus. And of course they had they loved me because I'm from Hollywood, California. When they'd say something they'd end the question with dude for some reason. My nickname with all the Maiden guys is chewie because one time we were I think we were at the Cat and Fiddle in Los Angeles and somebody said something about Star Wars and i went AHHHR (Like Chewie) and it's just stuck you know, so that's all right that's my nickname Chewie you know. Iron Maiden just some of the greatest guys you know in this business yeah the coolest guys that I've ever met."

Upcoming Mini-Tour/Screening dates

Sept 13-CIBL 101,5 in Montreal- interview and signing 8pm

Sept 16- Montreal- Piranha Bar

Mean Man Screening plus Meet and Greet, signings and short set. Event will be hosted by Jimmy Kay of The Metal Voice

Facebook Event and tickets


Leather Up Yöur Ass ( 80s Metal Tribute) and White Noize

Sept 17- Quebec City- Quartier de Lune, Screening 'Mean Man' documentary plus Meet and Greet, signings and short set 2pm

Facebook Event and tickets

Sept 21- Toronto- The Rockpile, Screening Mean Man documentary plus Meet and Greet, signings and short set. Event Hosted by Tim Henderson

Facebook Event and tickets

Sept 23- Cornwall - 'The Port Theater' Screening Mean Man documentary plus Meet and Greet and signings and short set

Facebook Event and tickets

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