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Burning Witches' New Song 'The Witch Of The North' Watch Video Here

Band releases new single/video and the title track of the new album that will be released next month, on May 28th, via Nuclear Blast records.

Watch here

The Metal Voice spoke to Burning Witches Singer Laura about the bands upcoming Studio The Witch of the North album which will be released May 28th Via Nuclear Blast

Watch the entire interview here

Tell us how the songwriting is different from this album compared to the last album? "On this album we decided to have more epic, dynamic storytelling songs. That is one thing for sure that is different from this time to the last album." Tell us about the musical direction on this new album "We actually did one cover song on this album. Savatage, 'Hall of the mountain King' This is the kind of song structures we went for. We just love that song and specifically for this album, it fits as it is super dynamic with storytelling. I think one of the main influences on this album is Manowar but I think you can also hear a bit of Kreator and a bit of Iron Maiden with so many more infuences." What song will be your next music video Should I say it? Ok I will, It's 'The Witch of the North'

Tell us about the whole image of the band 'You can also see us like comic style person on the 'Dance with the Devil' album, we just love that because you can make yourself a bit super hero like and we love that style. It's that bigger than life feeling, that Manowar for example also puts forward." Would you consider letting a man joining the band in the future? "I think we wouldn't cause (laughs), we can't cause we are already put ourselves forward as an all female band so if there is a guy, it would be a bit weird (laughs). But I think we wouldn't."

Track list

1- Winter's Wrath

The Witch Of the North

Tainted Ritual

We Stand As One

Flight Of The Valkyries

The Circle Of Five

Lady Of The Woods


Nine Worlds

For Eternity

Dragon's Dream

Eternal Frost

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