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Being In Ritchie Blackmore's Inner Circle Described By Singer Ronnie Romero

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke with singer Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Elegant Weapons) about his new solo album Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters’, that was released on Sept 15, 2023 via Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Romero also talks about his new solo album; Ritchie Blackmore's inner circle and surviving and overcoming depression from personal and professional issues.

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When asked what it was like being in the Ritchie Blackmore's inner circle compared to the outer circle "It is a huge difference. You're on a stage and you play songs and you are in the Rainbow band and that's great and there were another seven of eight singers who did the same thing before, counting the Rainbow and Deep Purple. There was a lot of singers working with. him. But as you mentioned it's like to be with him (inner circle), having a beer after dinner and talking about UFOs or whatever there was the topic that night until three in the morning. And sometimes he's taking the guitar and we're just singing whatever from the Beatles, Queen, Deep Purple Rainbow and whatever it comes to that moment. And that was probably the most enjoyable thing. It is great. Obviously all of this character that people know from Ritchie like he's a tough guy and he's a difficult person all that stuff, is how you see him outside the circle. And that's in my opinion there's a character and he behaved that way to keep the people away. Which is very understandable, in the way that there is a lot of people trying to get in the (inner) circle.

But when you're in (inner circle) he is a very nice guy, he is very loyal, he is very cool, he treats you really well. I have nothing to say bad about Richie Blackmore during the five, six years we worked together or even with my family, they were all nice, all the people they were great they would treat me very good. "


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When asked if he was allowed to disagree with Ritchie

"You can have disagreements with them but he remembers the next day. (laughs) But it's cool, it's because he is very smart and very clever person. So it's very challenging to have a chat with him because all the time you need to be on the same level and I like that because I'm probably the same kind of person. He's joking all the time and sometimes he's telling jokes, very clever jokes. Because of my English especially at that time when I met Richie for the first time I didn't talk English at all. He was telling jokes and I was just like question mark? A he was doing on (telling jokes) on purpose that I didn't understand. "(laughs)

TOO MANY LIES, TOO MANY MASTERS sees Romero delivering a powerful musical statement on the first solo album of his to feature all-new original material.

Written by Romero with drummer Andy C. and guitarist Jose Rubio, TOO MANY LIES, TOO MANY MASTERS marks the first time that Romero has been involved with 100% of the songwriting on an album he sings on. Romero also co-produced the album with Andy C., marking another first for Romero. While these 'firsts” certainly add to the excitement for the album, it is the songs that truly take center stage. Romero's voice is completely at home on this diverse, hard rockin' set which is certainly going to please any fan of his vocal style and his work with his other bands.

Romero's voice and prolific musical activity have brought him to the forefront of the hard rock/metal scene where he can be seen/heard with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group, Lords of Black, The Ferrymen, Sunstorm, and the recently launched Elegant Weapons with Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner. With an impressive discography already under his belt, TOO MANY LIES, TOO MANY MASTERS is arguably the crown jewel of Romero's recorded output thus far.

Here’s the track listing for TOO MANY LIES, TOO MANY MASTERS:

1. Castaway on the Moon

2. Mountain of Light

3. I’ve Been Losing You

4. Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

5. Girl, Don’t Listen to the Radio

6. Crossroad

7. Not Just a Nightmare

8. A Distant Shore

9. Chased By Shadows

10. Vengeance

Time: 0.44.23

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