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Armored Saint Upcoming Documentary Ft. Members of Metallica, Anthrax & More, Watch Trailer here

Watch the trailer of the upcoming documentary on the legendary California metal band Armored Saint

Trailer here

This is the Story of Armored Saint a band of brothers that created their own unique sound and image in the 1980's Los Angeles Rock and Metal Scene.

The story is told by the band; John Bush - Lead Vocals Gonzo Sandoval - Drums Joey Vera - Bass Philip Sandoval - Guitars Jeff Duncan - Guitars Dave Pritchard - Guitars

With a host of music industry legends including; James Hetfield - Metallica Lars Ulrich - Metallica Scott Ian - Anthrax Brian Slagel - Metal Blade Records Cliff Bernstein - Q-Prime Management Max Norman - Producer Bill Metoyer - Engineer / Producer John Kornarens - Music Video Director John Sutherland - Friend Bob Nalbandian - Headbanger Friend Tracy Vera - Metal Blade Records Mike Faley - Metal Blade Records Zach Harmen - Metallica / Armored Saint Tech And many other family and friends.

Produced and Directed by Russell Cherrington Edited by Jimmi Johnson Sound by Chris Wynne

Camera by Joshua Timmins Ben Evans Paul Gordon Doug Stock Russell Cherrington

Sound Mix - James Stepenson Editing Assistant - Matt Nathan Production Assistant - Marty Rigby

Jimmy Kay, Giles Lavery and the man on the street Kenny Kessel review the upcoming Armored Saint album 'Punching the Sky'. The three metalheads also review the upcoming long overdue album by Blue Oyster Cult 'The Symbol Remains'

Watch here

The new  Armored Saint Album 'Punching the Sky' will be released on October 23 2020  via Metal Blade records.

"Punching The Sky"track listing:

01. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

02. End Of The Attention Span

03. Bubble

04. My Jurisdiction

05. Do Wrong To None

06. Lone Wolf

07. Missile To Gun

08. Fly In The Ointment

09. Bark, No Bite

10. Unfair

11. Never You Fret

John Bush interview here

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