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Anthrax's Joey Belladonna Talks Journey Tribute 'Beyond Frontiers' Anthrax Rap & Bands Early Years

Canada 's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Anthrax's singer Joey Belladonna as well as his wife and partner Krista Belladonna. Joey Belladonna spoke about his Journey tribute band 'Beyond Frontiers' as well as some key historic moments in Anthrax over the years. Plus we did into the couples relationship

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When asked about his Journey tribute band

"Great tight band, those guys love doing it too so it helps when you get people that are really into it. It's just part of what I like to do. It looks like I'm trying to do something while everybody's doing stuff (In Anthrax) but no I just want to keep doing it. I don't plan to just do it for the heck of it, we have shows coming up in fact in March. The book is open basically and whatever comes up we're just we're ready to take on. I want it to grow, I want it to be a normal thing for everyone. "

When asked if he would consider doing other tributes, like Dio?

"We'll put it together too, we're not ready to get into that just yet. "

When asked about Jeff Beck passing

"Jeff Beck passed away and all that kind of music was such a big influence on me. "

When asked about the early days with Anthrax, when he auditioned

"I knew nothing about them (Anthrax), nothing about that music and it worked out great. Obviously I was a little intimidated to join because I didn't even know if the music was really my style but I saw through it enough. It (Audition) was like let's get the mic set up, if you want to warm up, let's get some levels on your mic. I said the hell with it I'm gonna just bust out some shit. I just did some Journey stuff. I don't even remember, I think Lights maybe or oh Sherry little bits of pieces of stuff I don't think I did whole Tunes but then at that point they're like okay now this isn't what we expected."

When touching upon the times he was let go from Anthrax and then brought back to the band

"I continue to be as humble as possible and move forward, which that's we all want to do. Some people are like what are you nuts? You've been in relationships, it's kind of the same idea, I mean you can either be on the same page or you can be a little deviant and send it off course and expect a lot more from someone that you're not doing your part. And what are the reasons? There's a lot to it too. Sometimes there's just no reason for and what do you get from it? And then you got to backtrack and then you gotta pick it up, again twice. I mean I'm happy for the fans, I just think people need to see it the way it was. There was nothing wrong with it, in my eyes. I think everything we were doing even to the last minute before I was gone, Persistence (In Time Album) was great stuff. "

When asked his opinion on when Anthrax first started integrating rap into their songs, 'I'm the Man' and 'Bring the noise'

"I had no clue what was going on. I remember walking in the room and there was kind of a heated moment about certain things about that and when I heard them working on it I thought I walked into the wrong room. I honestly did, I had no idea what was going on. I mean obviously these things move and they go and they they do whatever they need to do and I'm I'm happy to be a part of all of it. I had the experience and it has been great. I love playing drums on some of the stuff and as I love jamming with Public Enemy. I love listening to their stories about how they come together and play. It's super cool and you can't you can't deny the fans having so much fun with that stuff. "

When asked if he felt out of place on the Bring the noise video with Anthrax/Public Enemy

"Just don't give me something I can do, I'm not going to stand around and get some drinks while everybody's shooting a video, give me some turntables."

Beyond Frontiers, Joey's JOURNEY tribute, which also features keyboardist Doug Carter, bassist Paul Arntz, guitarist Matt Basford and drummer Justin Ward

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