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Aldo Nova To Release 4 Albums Mid Sept 2021 & More New Home Concerts In The Coming Months

Updated: May 6, 2021

Canadian Rocker Aldo Nova took to his Facebook and posted the following message about the upcoming release of 4 albums in mid October 2021 Here

"For all you fans out there, In mid-May, I'll start redoing some new home concert videos, but this time, I won't be doing songs from my 80's and 90's records, but only songs from my new album, my Rock Opera, "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage" which is finally coming out the 2nd week of September 2021, along with 3 other albums, "Aldo Nova 2.0 Reloaded" a 2 disc set of all of my home studio performances, but Disc 2 will contain versions with all the tracks without lead vocals and all tracks without the lead guitar, something which nobody has ever done before, my "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage " a Little Preview-9-song E.P. which is a condensed form of the full 24 Song 2 hour long Rock Opera, I'm re-issuing my instrumental album, " Nova's Dream" which is a brilliant album but extremely hard to find, but now will get the exposure it deserves since I now own it outright, and my complete 24 song, 2-hour long Rock Opera, "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage". For those of you who thought I had disappeared for 29 years and was doing nothing, well you'll hear that I certainly wasn't idle during that time.

All 4 albums are coming out on the same day in the second week of October and will be available, in all formats, including vinyl, individually, or as a box set with many added bonus features to go along with it.

You'll have links to where to buy my unique and beautiful merchandising, designed by myself and Curtis L. Smith from my web store, and will have 5 different designs to choose from just to start.

So you haven't heard new music from me for a while but after this, you'll have enough of it for the next

Be well, and keep an eye out for them as I'll be promoting the albums heavily starting in September when I put out my new video of my music with a song, featuring my new band called, "Free Your Mind"

Aldo Nova

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to multi-instrumentalist Aldo Novo about his new album The Life and Times of Eddy Gage. Also in the chat Aldo Nova talks about his past writing credits

Photo Credits above James St. Laurent. 

Watch Full Interview here

Tell us about the musical direction of the new album "It's a rock opera, it's got super rock songs, it's got techno songs, it's got a song with a 40 piece orchestra and my voice,  it's got a heavy duty rock songs, syth pop, gospel, rock and rap, so it's mix of everything, every song is different. Every song is written around every character. One thing that is in common in me and my music, is that it has to draw emotion, it can't be sterile. For me I make music out of emotion. It took 12 years to finish, twenty-three songs and two hours long. "

Tell us about the story behind the new album

"The story you might as well call it is an autobiography, it might as well be called The Life and times of Aldo Nova. The story is of this young kid who plays clubs and then gets noticed by a big record company executive. Then he gets famous ( the main character) and then he goes  and plays big stages, then he gets introduced to a woman by the powerful Greek record tycoon. The woman leads him down the path of drugs and he has a psychotic breakdown. It's my life story pretty much. It ends with redemption where he is happy spreading his message of faith, hope and love which he originally wanted to do from the beginning. There are 23 songs on the album and you might have  maybe 19 characters."

Aldo Nova-'When All is Said and Done-(Official Video)-2020

Aldo Nova-Reloaded for COVID 2021-a Home Mini Concert for COVID 19

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