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Thor-Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Wanted me to Train him in 1984, in New York

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice spoke to Jon Mikl Thor and his band ( Guitarist, Kevin Stuart Swain and bassist Ted Andre Jedlicki on The Metal Voice Facebook live via Zoom on May 27 2020.

Thor talked about his experiences with Kiss and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider as well talked about his new video single 'The Rut'

Watch Full interview here

Thor recalls. "Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Wanted me to train him in New York. I was in tremendous shape at that time in 1984. It was not long before that where I won numerous bodybuilding titles, like Mr Universe, Mr USA and Mr Canada (1973-74). I was still in good shape and we were doing really well in England. BTW Dee is in great shape today."

The Canadian Metal Avenger Thor releases his fifth single, 'The Rut' off his new album Rising via Cleopatra Records Feb 28 2020. This new single is a Video Remix.

The song was co-song written by Thor and Kevin Stuart Swain.

Watch here

Rising, the new album, features Thor’s classic '80s metal sound combined with modern influences, creating a potent blend of old and new that has kept this metal Viking thriving for over 4 decades.The album on February 28 courtesy of Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.

Thor “The Game Is On” (Official Music Video)

Order the new album here:

Rising Track List:

1. Wormhole 2. Defend Or Die 3. The Game Is On! (Stadium Mix) 4. We. Will. Destroy. You. 5. The Rut 6. Rising 7. The Party Never Ends (Video Mix) 8. Power Mask 9. Son Of Thunder 10. Starmaster

Also watch Thor talk about his new album with Jimmy Kay at this years Metal hall of Fame 2020 Thor told The Metal Voice in an interview at The Metal Hall of Fame," the New album will be more heavy but more varied,"

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