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Ronnie James Dio Drummer Simon Wright Remembers Ronnie for 10 Year Anniversary WATCH

Former Dio Drummer (EX AC/DC) Simon Wright joins Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon on The Metal Voice on the 10 year anniversary of Ronnie's passing. Wright talks about his relationship with Ronnie, Dio Disciples, Dio Hologram and the music on the Dio albums he played on. He also spoke about his time with AC/DC. Watch here

Quotes from the interview Working with Ronnie "Ronnie was just great to work for, he let me do my own things and experiment with things (Drumming). I just loved the way he worked, it was all about the music to make it the best possible." His views on the Dio 'Lock up the Wolves' album today " I did listen to it a couple of weeks ago and I think it stands up. It's got some great songs on it and I have fond memories of recording it. I do think it stands the test of time, it holds up well in the overall Dio Catalog." On Magica 2 album that was never completed "Ronnie had written down the beginnings of the continuation of the story of Magica and we were working on some songs. Doug Aldrich came over the house just to keep things rolling along because Ronnie wasn't feeling very well and we thought it would occupy his mind and Ronnie wanted to do it. There was three or four ideas put down and Ronnie begun to continue the novel but that wasn't to be. " On the Dio Disciples album that is in the works "The album is on hold cause we took a shift and we were all involved with the Hologram, which is called Dio Returns. So we were out on the road of May June of last year and it went really well. When we first started it was kind of slow and people were very wary of it and you can't blame them cause it's new technology. People were thinking we were doing Ronnie a bad move which is ridiculous people have screens up that show images and it's pretty much the same thing. So we took a shift and Dio Disciples is on hold at the moment. We have got about 4-5 demos down of different songs that me and guitarist Craig Goldy were working on and that's about it. It's kind of on hold at the moment as we are focusing on Dio Returns." Songs he played during with Auditioning for AC/DC "It was Led Zeppelin Black Dog, AC/DC Shoot to Thrill and ZZ Top Tush

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