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Original Riot guitarist Lou A Kouvaris Tribute & Memorial show- Live Stream w/ Friends

Lou A Kouvaris guitarist (Riot, Riot Act) tribute show and memorial. on The Metal Voice with Jimmy Kay and guitarist Rick Ventura (Riot, Riot Act) Picture above by Rika Sekiya Watch here

Original Riot guitarist Lou A. Kouvaris - who appeared on the first Riot album Rock City (1977) and wrote songs for Narita (1979) - tested positive for Covid19 and passed away due to complications on March 28, 2020 in Long Island New York. He was 66 years old. Jimmy Kay editor-in Chief of The Metal Voice stated," due to a postponed funeral service because of self distancing regulations, we have decided to celebrate Lou's life online with friends and fans and pay the respect he deserves. R.I.P. my good friend Lou, you will be missed so much, your music and your kindness will live on." Friends on the Tribute stream celebrating his life Mike Flyntz Riot, Riot V Pat Gesualdo CEO Metal Hall of Fame Giles Lavery management Claudio Galinski Riot Act Band Paul Ranieri Riot Act Kenny Kessel The Metal Voice

Riot Act Interview- Metal Hall of Fame 2020 R.I.P. Lou Kouvaris

Riot Act 'Swords and Tequila'

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