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Lizzy Borden talks future Project w/ Jon Schaffer on "Love you to Pieces" album for 2020

Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to 80's shock rocker Lizzy Borden at the Corona Theater on Sept 1 2019 Watch here

When asked how Lizzy Borden hooked up with Demons and Wizards for the tour and future collaborations "Jon Schaffer from Demons & Wizards requested us, he is a huge Lizzy Borden fan loves our album Love you to Pieces. Actually we are planning to work together in some capacity based on the album Love you to pieces. next year is the 30th anniversary of that album so we will see what we do with all of that. We have some things that we have been talking about and continuing to talk about on this tour. As for the tour spot, we happened to be looking for something that would be interesting and this is definitely an interesting tour. Tyr, Demons and Wizards and Lizzy Borden are different bands three different styles in metal but the audiences have loved all three bands which is not usual. Usually all three bands sound alike, so it's very unique. the audience have been loving it." When asked about the feedback on their latest album My Midnight things "It's the best reviewed album the band has ever had. It's the first album to chart since 1989 Master of Disguise, the album has just exploded, I have never seen such positivity toward one of our records in my whole career. For some reason this album is in the middle of the road for making people happy. I had no clue what to expect, usually we get a mixed response but it's been 90% all positive. " When asked about if he is working on a new Lizzy Borden Album "We have some things planned for next year 2020 so I'm hoping for a new record 2021.When I am done with this tour I will go back into writing sessions for the new album."

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