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Jeff Scott Soto- Thanks Yngwie Malmsteen in Induction Speech at Hall of Heavy Metal History

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to Sons of Apollo Singer Jeff Scott Soto at this years Hall of Heavy Metal History Gala on Jan 23 2019. Soto Spoke about his new Soto album as well as the musical direction of the new Sons of Apollo album that the band is currently working on. Plus thanked Yngwie Malmsteen in his induction speech.


When asked about his lyrical contribution to Sons of Apollo “I primarily write my ideas and what I feel then I send it to the guys and then we tweak it and craft it as a band. “ When asked if the new Sons of Apollo album will be a part 2 of the first album Psychotic Symphony “I think the new album will be more of a part 2 or an extension than a departure. We are not looking to experiment or try something new We planted a seed and now we are growing the tree. “ When asked if he considers the band a super group “The first thing we did when putting this together was we didn’t want to use the word super group, we did not want that label. We didn’t even want the pressure of that. We are trying to grow our own legs, our own sound with this band and not continue the legacy of our past bands and I think we accomplished that on the first record. “ When asked about the musical direction of the new songs and album “Powerful, energetic, a lot of progy tendencies and bring a lot of classic and hard rock. We don’t even consider ourselves a prog band, we are a hard rock band with classic rock and prog tendencies. “ In Jeff Scott Soto induction speech at the Hall of Heavy Metal History "There is this one guy I would really like to thank, this one person looked at me 35 years ago and said I'm going to give this 18 year old Puerto Rican kid with really shitty hair a chance to front me and take me to the next level of my solo career. This one guy everyone thinks we don't get along but contrary to belief from this day forward I give nothing but love and respect Yngwie Malmsteen."

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