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Graham Bonnet Recalls How He Turned Down Black Sabbath Audition in the 1980's

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to former if Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz singer Graham Bonnet in Montreal Quebec Canada on the Michael Schenker Fest Tour on March 12 2018

Graham Bonnet spoke about his Audition with Black Sabbath in the 1980's, his upcoming US tour with the Graham Bonnet band playing 'No Parole From Rock and Roll' in it's

entirety and news, timeline and details on upcoming Album by the band


When asked about the details and timeline of the follow-up Album to the Graham Bonnet Band's The Book "I finished my part on the new album everything is finished vocally. Now when I go back, we go in the mixing stage but at the moment Beth-Ami Heavenstone is putting down the bass parts. We got the bass to put down a little bit of keyboards. It sounds pretty good I am very pleased. If anybody liked the previous album the Book , they are going to like this too, it has got the same kind of material, same kind of sound and it's got a little of that Alcatrazz, MSG, Rainbow sound. It will be released in a few of months I think, it will be out this year." When asked about the Graham Bonnet Band playing the complete Alcatrazz 'No Parole from Rock and Roll Album' in it's entirety for the 35 year anniversary on their upcoming US tour "It will be all the material that I made up 35 years ago, we will play all the Alcatrazz tracks off that album along with the Graham Bonnet Band songs. There is a new audience for Alcatrazz it seems like a younger audience, I wish they had been turned on to it back then when we needed a bit more publicity back then. It's amazing to see kids of 18 years old coming up to me and singing the lyrics." When asked about how he turned down an audition to sing for Black Sabbath in the 1980's " I can't actually remember the actual year it was 1980 something. I had a call from one of the guys from Black Sabbath I can't remember who asked me if i was interested in auditioning cause I just left Rainbow and it was something I wasn't really sure of. I wasn't sure of the music, I wasn't sure if I really fit with my short hair. I wanted to do something different on my own not to be in another band as another singer in a revolving door, so I turned it down." USA - GRAHAM BONNET BAND PERFORMS ‘ALCATRAZZ - NO PAROLE FROM ROCK N ROLL’ TOUR SEPTEMBER 28TH VIPER ROOM - WEST HOLLYWOOD , CA 29TH MALONES - SANTA ANA , CA OCTOBER 3RD EL CORAZON - SEATTLE, WA 5TH DIVE BAR - LAS VEGAS, NV 6TH BRICK BY BRICK - SAN DIEGO , CA 7TH THE HUB - COLTON , CA OCT 11 THE CABOOZE - MINNEAPOLIS , MN OCT 12 BIGS BAR - SIOUX FALLS , SD OCT 13 THE RED HERRING LOUNGE - DULUTH , MN OCT 14 RED CARPET - ST CLOUD , MN

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