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X-Anthrax Neil Turbin- Recalls How Dan Spitz Hair Caught on Fire 'Fistful of Metal Recordings&#3

Former Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin (Deathriders) Talks Fistful of Metal 34 year anniversary and how ex Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz hair caught on fire during the making of the album.



Neil Turbin told The Metal Voice, " We went to have a drink at the bar when the whole band was up there to celebrate and say hey, here we are we are in the studio together. The bartender was really cool he poured everyone a shot on him and it was like flaming 1/51 shots and when we went to do the shots Dan Spitz hair caught on fire, his eyebrow was on fire. So I threw water at his face and then I started swatting his hair and eventually the flames went out, but my hands started burning, that's some of the memories recording the first album. "

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