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Riot 'Fight or Fall' Documentary- Part 2- STREAMING WATCH NOW

Fight or Fall' is a multi-part documentary, it tells the complex tale of the Riot story and also follows Riot V as they tour, the USA, Canada with festivals in Japan and Europe. Part 2 is released on November 8, 2017 (The anniversary of former vocalist Guy Speranza's passing) and covers the Fire Down Under Era, Guy Speranza's quitting band and the Rhett Forester years. Filmmaker Jimmy Kay had this to say about the project," There is no other documentary out there that explains the Riot story and legacy in complete detail like, Fight or Fall. " Kay continued " The final shoot date for the documentary will be on the anniversary of Mark Reale's passing January 24 2018 (midnite Jan 25) at the Hall of Heavy Metal History induction ceremonies for Riot , which happened all by coincidence, believe it or not? " Giles Lavery co-producer concluded,"The story of Riot is one of the most unique and inspiring in the history of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the story has many twists and turns along the way, but the songs were and are always at forefront as some of the best in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal." Part 2 is streaming for free here The Metal Voice Youtube Channel The Metal Voice Facebook Page A film by Jimmy Kay

Produced by Jimmy Kay and Giles Lavery for The Metal Voice

Photos by Peter Bitelli Guests in Part 2 Steve 'Lips' Kudrow- Anvil Bif Byford- Saxon Martin Popoff- Rock Author Jack Starr-Jack Starr's Buring Starr, Virgin Steele David Reece- Sainted Sinners, Ex Accept Neil Turbin- Deathriders, Ex- Anthrax Kingsley 'King' Fowley- Deceased Mike Flyntz- Riot V and Riot Guitarist Donnie Van Stavern- Riot V and Riot Bassist Frank Gilchriest- Riot V and Riot Drummer Todd Michael Hall- Riot V Vocalist Nick Lee- Riot V Guitarist Lou A Kouvaris- Riot Guitarist (1976-1978) Rick Ventura- Riot Guitarist (1978-1983) Steve Loeb- Riot Long time Producer Colin Graham- Riot Fan Club U.K.

Watch Part 1 of Riot Fight or Fall Here

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