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Voting Open to the Fans Globally for Inductions into the Hall of Heavy Metal History

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to founder/CEO Pat Gesualdo of the Hall Of Heavy Metal History, which is an induction ceremony dedicated to enshrining forever, those Legendary musicians, record company executives, journalists, and producers who are responsible for making Heavy Metal music what it is today. Pat Gesualdo was asked about the differences between the Hall of Heavy Metal History to other award ceremonies and he said," The Hall of Heavy Metal History is the one place those legendary and iconic musicians that have been carrying the flag for so long for Heavy Metal can be inducted, we are the home for those musicians. Those people who have been working so hard for decades, so we honour them in an induction ceremony every year. A lot of these other ceremonies only want relevant bands now and maybe one or two guys that are actually literally responsible for starting the genre. We honour some of the newer musicians as well but mostly the originators, the founders of Metal. The Hall of Heavy Metal History is also a non-profit organization, proceeds go to helping disabled children and wounded veterans and support the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund.” Gesualdo was also asked about if Metal fans around the world can be involved in the voting process he replied,"The voting system is overseen by the Hall of Heavy Metal History Nominating Committee. The committee is comprised of major record company executives and Legendary musicians. He continued,So in order to open up the whole process to the fans throughout the world were going to be posting on the website

( FACEBOOK.COM/HALLOFHEAVYMETALHISTORY) categories. The induction ceremony will include Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal musicians and bands over the years that are responsible for bringing heavy Metal where it is today. Then the world will get a chance to choose who they want, so the fans get to be involved in the process. It does not only have to be what we list and post, the fans can always send in somebody that may not be the list and we welcome that too. And then it goes to the committee and the most votes for each person/band will then be inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History. The electronic voting will probably be opening soon and that will go to September, October 2017. Modern Drummer will be one of the sites involved as an access point, they will be posting it on their Website and social media that will all filter back into the nominating committee." Note Nomination Committee members must be active music industry professionals for a minimum of 10 years before they are eligible to vote. They cannot not be retired for more than 5 years. All inductees will be nominated in September, before the Hall of Heavy Metal History Induction Ceremony in January. The Hall of Heavy Metal History reserves the right to modify the nomination process, and remove/revoke any Nomination or Inductee. This year the induction ceremonies will take place on January 24, 2018 at the Wynn Hotel in Anaheim California CATEGORIES 2018 Hall of Heavy Metal History Induction Categories:  Metal Band, and/or Musician  Hard Rock Band, and/or Musician  Rock Band, and/or Musician  Progressive Rock Band, and/or Musician  Music Industry Executive  Lifetime Achievement  Current Legend  Guitarist  Bassist  Drummer  Vocalist  Journalist NOMINATION CRITERIA 2018 Potential nominees must meet strict criteria and guidelines in order to be Inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History. These include:  At least 20 Million retail units/downloads sold worldwide  Legendary status of Artist, Band, Executive, or Journalist for a minimum of 20 years (With the exception of Current Legend category).  Character  Contributions to a band, bands, the music industry, and possibly societal involvement. 2017 Inductees (Last Year) Ronnie James Dio Metal Blade Records (Brian Slagel), Scorpions Rainbow Bar and Grill Rudy Sarzo Vinny Appice Lemmy Kilmister Ross “The Boss” Friedman Frankie Banali Andy Zildjian (President/CEO of “Sabian Cymbals“), Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Banali (Together for a special 33rd Anniversary Induction of Quiet Riot, as the first band to achieve the #1 Heavy Metal Album status) Don Airey Randy Rhoads

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