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"Someone like Randy Rhoads comes about every 200 years" Says Brother Kelle Rhoads

Jimmy Kay joined with Sean Peck (Cage, Denner/Shermann) on Canada's The Metal Voice who recently and spoke to Randy Rhoads' Brother and Sister, Kelle and Kathy Rhoads in regards to their brother's legacy, unreleased material, hobbies and personality.

The siblings were interviewed live at The Hall of Heavy Metal History on January 18 2017 and accepted the award on behalf of their brother .

The Metal Voice episode is a tribute celebration of the life of Randy Rhoads who died on March 19 1982 in a tragic airplane crash while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne When asked if there were any un-released video material of Randy Rhoads "Not that were aware of and according to Sharon Osbourne no. I have to tell you that probably somewhere down the line somebody's got something in their attic, that they filmed and they died so somebody else in their family probably has it. The same thing happened with classical composers, people found stuff that Mozart wrote 180 years after he wrote it, it was in somebody's attic. I got a question that has never been satisfactory answered. Ozzy is a front man, he started Heavy Metal as far as I'm concerned, Ozzy puts a brand new band together and nobody shoots any video of that initial European tour? It doesn't make any sense? So here is the answer to your question, not that I know of. Here is my personal opinion, there has got to be footage." Kelle When asked if Randy Rhoads would have continued on the musical path of Heavy Metal "I get asked that a lot and there is no way to know who knows what he would have done? " Kellie "Randy really loved Classical music and had a passion going in that direction, my belief is he would have done something in between Classical and Heavy Metal. " Kathy "Randy could play anything if he heard a Polka he would learn how to play it, if he heard Hawaiian music he would learn how to play it, he didn't want any boundaries he didn't want to be just a Heavy Metal musician and he was an absolute virtuoso. I think someone like him comes about every 200 years. People don't generally have that kind of talent it is very extraordinary. Not only was he a great performer he was a virtuoso and he was a great writer. He didn't write lyrics and he didn't sing. When he was in Quiet Riot the management said he would have to have a mic in front of him but he made them turn it off. " Kelle When asked about his personal life "He loved trains, he had the smallest trains he could buy, he had to get them in Germany, the size of a walnut." Kelle "Randy was the kindest most humble person you would ever want to meet, he was genuine. " Kelle "Randy used to dress up the dog and put cigarettes in their mouth. The dog had Walkman earphones and a cigarettes in his mouth" Kelle "Randy had a devious sense of humour." Kelle When asked if there were any music that was carried on from Quiet Riot to Ozzy Osbourne's band "You know there are somethings he wrote with Ozzy that were carried over from Quiet Riot, NO BONE MOVIES and YOU LOOKING AT ME LOOKING AT YOU. Those were cord structures that he had when we was in Quiet riot he just didn't get to use them."

Metallica's Lars Ulrich wanted me to produced Kill Em All-Chris Tsangarides Producer(Judas Priest)

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