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Ex-Iron Maiden Blaze Bayley' New Acoustic Album Slated for August 2017-The Metal Voice

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley.

Bayley spoke about his new album Endure and Survive the second installment of Infinite Entanglement trilogy. Blaze also showed The Metal Voice the new album's artwork, announced the Canadian tour dates, made a statement about Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper and his health situation and spoke about a new acoustic album in August 2017. When asked about other bands he was offered the job as vocalist after his time with Iron Maiden "I was offered an audition for a band called Brain Storm and also an audition for Oliver/Dawson's Saxon after Iron Maiden. I was really committed to these ideas that I had for my Silicon Messiah album and I thought if I did join somebody else's band then would I be able to do these ideas the way I wanted them? I convinced myself to really do me own thing. But now it feels like it was the right decision, even though it has been a real struggle at times." When asked which of his former Iron Maiden band mates got along with the best "I got along with everybody, some people may thing it's strange but I got along with Bruce before and after Iron Maiden and when I was in Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson has been a great supporter of me. He is really championed my solo work, he has been absolutely great, he gave me a lot of encouragement. But I was closest to Steve Harris he was like a mentor to me, took me under his wing." When asked what is the difference between 'Endure and Survive' and the first part of the trilogy in terms of songs and musical direction "It's darker. This album is the end of the journey of 1000 years, that's where we started on part 1. Endure and Survive is what's happened, what he has endured and he has survived for 1000 years. What shape is he in, what has he had to do to survive this 1000 year journey and where is he mentally and what lies ahead, that's where we are. so we find out more details and some of the terrible things that he has had to do to get through this mission. So overall it's a darker album, musically and lyrically. We find out about the under mission, the details of the under mission are revealed. We also find out a bit more of the relationship between William Black and the Professor. We found out he knows he has a machine body on the first album. We find out more about why he is a machine on this album." Asked about if he will release another acoustic Album We are working on it right now, we are working on new songs the first week in January 2017, I went on a trip to South of Spain to work at a secret location with Thomas Zwijsen and we came up with some new songs and we worked on some new arrangements for some of my metal songs we really hope that by the end of August 2017 we will have a new acoustic album. Asked if the new album was as Darker than 'Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back' movie I think that is a very good analogy that Empire strikes back goes to the dark part of Star Wars, so it is in a similar vein When asked about if he will be touring North America Announcement, August 16 2017 Montreal, Quebec, August 17 Ottawa, Ontario ,August 18 Quebec City, Quebec August 19 Toronto, Ontario August 20 London, Ontario and before and after Canada we are going to have some USA dates When asked about his participation to sing on the Reaper All Stars relief songs for Steve Grimmett's Health and recovery costs "What has happened to him can happen to any of us. there are a lot of artists at our level that go tour and you don't know whats going to happen to you and your health you never know where you are in the end. Your largely self employed dependent on your live gigs for your money that could happen to anyone so I really wish Steve all the best I hope he gets well and I hope he gets great rehabilitation and finds a way to keep making music and be passionate about music." Blaze's ninth solo album, "Endure And Survive", will be released on March 3via Blaze Bayley Recording. The disc was recorded at Birmingham, England's Robannas Studios and said to be "an exciting and enthralling sequel" to his 2016 release "Infinite Entanglement"

Blaze Bayley Canadian Tour Dates

August 16 2017 Montreal, Quebec- Piranha Bar

August 17 Ottawa, Ontario- The Brass Monkey

August 18 Quebec City, Quebec- L'Anti Bar

August 19 Toronto, Ontario- The Rockpile

August 20 London, Ontario-

Go to 51:42 minute mark for all Canadian tour info

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