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Ex Accept David Reece- Talks Bonfire Split & New Band Sainted Sinners

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to David Reece (Ex Accept Ex Bonfire) and Frank Pané (Bonfire ex Perpendicular feat. Ian Pace) about their newly formed band Sainted Sinners and their new album which will be released Feb 24 2017 on El Puerto Records . David Reece also makes his first official statement in regards to his departure with the band Bonfire.

In regards to David Reece's split with Bonfire

"In all reality I don't think there is room to throw shit at each other. I just personally was very unhappy working with Hans Ziller (Bonfire) and he was unhappy working with me and I disagreed with management and management disagreed with me. I had basically decided to leave this month, made up my mind I wanted out of the band. It kind of crashed down in July in Italy unfortunately it got really ugly but i hold no animosity I am actually better physically and mentally not being in that environment. It's Hans Ziller's band basically we are all hired guys I'm not going to lie to you it was a tough year I was finally accepted as the new Bonfire Singer and the next thing you know i'm out then they got another guy and then they got another guy."- David Reece

In regards to writing all the material for the new album by Sainted Sinners

The material was already in the works was planned for a different release for a different band (Perpendicular Ian Paces ) I split up with and I took two guys out of that band with me which is the drummer and the bass player, And listening to that material I thought there is just one perfect voice for that kind of style and that is David Reece - Fran Pané

When asked about the musical inspirations of their new Self Titled album

Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Van Halen, UFO these are kind of like the bands that inspired me as a guitar player and so when I just jam and come up with ideas that's just a natural thing that comes up - Frank Pané

What is captured on this record is my influences of Paul Rogers, David Coverdale and of course Deep Purple's Ian Gillan . I'm not Klaus and I'm not UDO, I'm David Reece trademark- David Reece

When asked about the Sainted Sinners set list

It's actually going to be a lot of material from the new album, what we are going to do is not platy the songs are they are on the record but do them like Deep Purple did them in the 70's like make a special live version -Frank Pané

We will not play Bonfire songs it's a contractual thing and I don't want to play Bonfire songs I want to play David Reece songs with Frank. We are going to do some Whitesnake, some acoustic stuff -David Reece

SAINTED SINNERS are- Fronted by the unique, soul-driven voice of American born vocalist DAVID REECE (ex-ACCEPT) and highly gifted guitar player FRANK PANÉ, SAINTED SINNERS got completed by legendary keyboard player FERDY DOERNBERG (AXEL RUDI PELL) and the dynamic rhythm section of the two former PURPENDICULAR members MALTE FREDERIK BURKERT (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro BERCI HIRLEMAN.

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