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Graham Bonnet Talks Rainbow & Michael Schenker Group (FLASHBACK)-The Metal Voice

Flashback interview with Graham Bonnet, Graham talks to The Metal Voice about his days in Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz. New album coming out The Book

Lyrics soon proved the least of Bonnet’s worries. “My fly broke,” he continues, “and out comes my penis, because I don’t wear underwear. Out it popped, and I made it part of the act. Everybody was telling me to f— off. I started swearing at the audience, and they were swearing back at me.”

Schenker quickly decided to pull the plug on his new frontman, and it fell to Bonnet’s manager to relay the information the following day. “The whole thing was a shambles,” he says now, claiming he “said sorry” for the disastrous gig and chalked it up to “just a bad day.”

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