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Death Angel, Ted Aguilar-“ James Hetfield, Metallica writes the greatest riffs, melodies & lyric

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke with Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar in Montreal, Canada on their North American tour with Anthrax and Slayer

When asked about the good and bad in the recording process of their new album The Evil Divide

"The best moments were recording with producer Jason Suecof, he knows the band really well, this is our third album with him. He knows everyone individually, he knows how to push you to be the best, he gets great tones, He is an amazing musician. The bad part having to do it in Florida, that’s where he lives, it’s too hot, in the middle of nowhere, basically 12 hours in the studio and then go back to the rental house and crash out."

When asked what they did different on the new album compared to the last album

"Relentless Retribution, The Dream Calls For Blood and The Evil Divide albums if you listen to them sonically they are different. We don’t want to make the same album twice. I think with this album, Rob Cavestany wrote the record he pushed it, the riffs are difficult to play they are intricate and interesting, technical but then again they are very familiar. When absorbing this record it sounded so different but familiar."

When asked about the evolution of the bands style over the years

"Ultra-violence is the foundation of Death Angel and you build upon the foundation and you can sprinkle new influences as long as the foundation is there, then it will still be Death Angel."

When asked about his muscial influences

"Number one has to be James Hetfield, Metallica, bottom line the guy writes the greatest riffs, writes the greatest vocal melodies and lyrics. But I do like guitar duos like Iron Maiden, Judas priest, Scorpions all the classics."

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