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Anthrax Frank Bello -Would consider tour with Armored Saint w/John Bush'

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke with Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello in Montreal Canada on their North American tour with Death Angel and Slayer

When asked about the song Anthrax version of ‘Got the time’ being played on Mars

Well first of all you have to have a fan that works at NASA. We just got a letter for someone that they did that it’s amazing but certainly you got to remember it was a Joe Jackson song. Its Anthrax’s version of the Joe Jackson song, because I want to give him credit because he is such a brilliant artist and songwriter, I love Joe Jackson

When asked about the recording process of their new album 'For all Kings'

At this stage it’s like clockwork for us, we go in and we do what we do. Charlie, Scott and myself get together to do the drums in L.A. with Jay Ruston our producer. We Jam all the songs together and make sure everything is right for the drums. Then individually, I live in New York, Scott lives in L.A. and technology really rules right now, so I can do my tracks wherever I want, so Jay came to New York, I had a local studio near me, we did my tracks there, it worked out amazingly I got to go home and see my family. Scott did the same thing in LA and it’s really easy now. Technology although it has ruined the music business, it has actually helped us where we can go where ever we want to go and record which is nice. But the three of us are all together for the drum tracks and it will always be tighten up like that

When asked about how word of mouth and Social media plays a role in today’s music industry

When you think about it social media it’s still really word of mouth, that’s really what it is, that’s the new tape trading, check this out, check this out. We never really had real airplay, or MTV, we never really had that big global music radio stuff, its word of mouth, its fans talking to fans because there was no internet, but now there is this whole social media thing that makes it a lot easier to get it across, thank god for it. It’s great to get our music out, spread the word.

When asked if he would do an Anthrax / Armored Saint (with John Bush) would tour together?

Joey Vera is literally one of my best friends, when I have something to do with the family Joey will come in and do a gig from me and he played with Anthrax for a while. So my thing is yeah or course that can happen. There is no ill stuff with John Bush

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