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Slayer Guitarist Gary Holt- "I rather Jeff Hanneman be here, this is his spot"

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to guitarist Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus) and Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph on their seven week North American Tour with Anthrax and Death Angel in Montreal, Canada

When asked about the making and reaction to their new gory and edgy music video ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Paul Bostaph had to say “I showed up and played, it was filmed in the mountains, in the high desert of Southern California. Holt added “It was the only video I have ever done with thermals, hoodies, scarf’s, winter sub zero socks on. It’s awesome, it could have pushed further, the envelope can always be pushed further. It’s the final part of the trilogy of the music videos and if you watch them in their actual order which they were not released that way, the whole story unfolds and the final video for Pride and Prejudice is the final conclusion.”

When asked who their influences were growing up

Paul Bostaph said,” Neil Peart (Rush) was a dangerous influence for me as a drummer when I was in High School, everybody wanted to be Neil Peart. I played 2112 over and over again I loved that album but I went a different way I went Iron Maiden, Clive Burr, Nicko McBrain cause nobody even knew who Iron Maiden wa,s they were all into Rush and Led Zeppelin at the time. “ Gary Holt adds,” all the classic hard rock stuff, Ronnie Montrose, Ted Nugent, Frank Marino, Angus Young, Tony Iommi, it was all classic hard rock stuff.”

When asked Gary Holt how he joined Slayer

“I didn’t audition Kerry King called me up, I was on the 7000 tons of Metal cruise and my good mutual friend of mine and Kerry’s my tattoo artist Bob Tyrell who was on the boat and Kerry texted Bob, have Holt call me when he gets home gets back to shore. I called him up and he explained what was going on with Jeff and asked if I wanted to help him out and fill in and I said sure I had time off I didn’t realize it would be a five and a half year endeavour riddled with tragedy in the middle of it. I thought it was a two tour thing until Jeff took his rightful spot back. That didn’t happen and unfortunately I’m still here. I rather Jeff be here, this is Jeff Spot.”

When asked when Holt is planning on writing the new Exodus Album

I am never a loss of musical ideas. After this tour I got three and a half months off, my goal is to come out of that with the next Exodus album recorded and done for a 2017 release.

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