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Is Babymetal hurting or Helping Metal?

Singer David Reece (Bonfire former Accept) joins Jimmy Kay on Canada’s The Metal Voice to Review Babymetal’s new album Metal Resistance as well as debate if Babymetal is helping or hurting the metal community. Reece had this to say about their new album, “I will say the guitars are brutal in places, I don’t know who is actually playing them but there are some cool riffs and cool tones. The drum programming is from another planet, whoever he is, he’s got fingers like lightning bolts but some cool programs and the mix is ok.

"Reece went on,"The vocals reminded me when I was a young lad and my mother would hand me Alvin and the Chipmunks records for Christmas, that high squeaky voice I thought was cool when I was 5 years old. Maybe that’s why they call it Babymetal. I don’t know but after listening to the album throughout the day and giving it my honest ears and try to be optimistic and open-minded. I felt like shoving a dagger into my eyeball. Maybe this will appeal to the mass majority crowd of Metalheads somewhere in the universe that like to look at Japanese women in French maid outfits or whatever it is they are wearing and working in synchronization on stage. But I call this a fad and a gimmick like the grunge movement and like grunge I hope and pray this movement eats its young and it ends sooner than later.”


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